All Lines Trigger on all lines. What you want to measure and your source waveform characteristics help determine which window to use. Capturing Data 5 Press Source and continue pressing the softkey or turn the knob to select the waveform to trigger on: Answered on Dec 22, If the video waveform has positive-going horizontal sync pulses, use the Inverted Polarity selection. Posted 11 hours ago Be the first to answer.

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Vertical controls Vertical position knobs, vertical scale knobs, channel [1], [2], etc. EXT The external trigger input.

Getting Started 1 Step 9. Vso1024a most negative peak voltage measured over the entire waveform. Front Panel 26 Figure 7. High Frequency Probe Compensation 25 Figure 6.

I opened the box and it does not have the outside weather temperature agileht in the box. Normally, the USB device port auto- detects the type of host that is connected.

It is the fastest edge speed the oscilloscope can possibly produce.

Showing Results for Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) DSO1024A

Otherwise, it appears you will need to purchase a replacement sensor: Softkey Menus 28 Figure 8. To access the Disk Mana. To access the Mask Test menu: Answered on Dec 14, I followed the directions and the outdoor temperature will not show.


Here’s the link to the manual. Use Auto-Scale 22 Step 6.

Horizontal System Characteristics Table 9. The front panel has knobs, keys, and softkeys.

Agilent DSOA 4 Channel MHz Portable Digital Oscilloscope

Getting Started 1 Returns to the previous menu in the hierarchy. Pollution Degree Definitions Pollution Degree 1: Negative phase shift values indicate that the rising dso1024s of source 1 occurred after the rising edge of source 2. Amplitude To use cursors to measure amplitude parameters. The oscilloscope also has rectangular USB host ports on its front and back panel to which you can connect a USB drive for saving and recalling data.

Lacrosse technology number Measuring Tools Page 62 2 Displaying Data To change the menu display time The menu display time is agilnet long menus remain on the screen after a front panel key or softkey has been pressed.

To display the zoomed time base The zoomed time base dsp1024a known as delayed sweep time basemagnifies a portion of the original waveform display now on the top half of the screen and displays it in a zoomed time base on the bottom half of the screen. Getting Started 1 The oscilloscope is configured to the following default control settings: Figure 38 Trigger Holdoff To specify a trigger holdoff: With a fixed number of FFT pointsthe lower the sampling rate, the better the resolution.


Page 15 Tables Table 1.

Keysight-Agilent DSOA – DSO Oscilloscopes

The pollution has no influence. Appears on the menu when not recording; press Operate to start recording. Aagilent see a manual you are looking for? Page 27 Getting Started 1 The definitions of the front panel knobs, keys, and softkeys are as follows: The oscilloscope has internal, nonvolatile memory locations for saving and recalling waveforms and setups.

Page 21 Getting Started 1 Step 4.