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May 24, - As a chick, this Battlefield V trailer absolutely disgusts me. I can't speak for people of color or people with disabilities, but I can say that Battlefield V - Closed Alpha Discussion Thread: BattlefieldV.

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Just play the game. Have fun with the game. When has Battlefield been completely historically accurate? When has battlefield 4 down? been a realistic military simulator? Your making a big fucking deal about female avatars running around in a video game shooting people in origin download sims 4 face.

Considering they've used so little the game barely resembles World War II. Why not include aliens? I mean historical accuracy clearly isn't important so why only go half way? Lets go nuts no? It is actually ridiculous that people accept battlefieeld rubbish like that. And then say cown? but it's a game! If Battlefield featured what BFV is going to feature you can bet it would have flopped back then. Because historical accuracy was quite important back then Nowadays it just seems like a "bonus".

I love shooting the M1 Gerard and hearing battlefield 4 down? ping battlevield seeing a Panzer come flying out of the tree line as I make a battlefield 4 down? dash into a crater as it passes overhead. Why did Battlefield 4 down? Order bother using anything from bqttlefield 19th century if there were vampires?

4 down? battlefield

Why did Simcity 5 updates bother using anything from Seattle if they have fire shooting electricity powered neon battkefield Why did BF1 bother using anything from WW1 if they had fully automatic guns and giant war zeppelins? For me, its wanting an authentic experience. I have wanted a WW2 Battlefield game for soooo long. For years I have thought that the Frostbite engine would battlfield battlefield 4 down?

fantastic game. Then they finally do it and its a Battlwfield skinned bastardisation of something that has not been done properly with new AAA tech. World at War was the last imo and that was 10 years ago. I and many others have been waiting a long time for this, yet all signs battlefield 4 down?

to the developers completely missing the point. People complain that we want authenticity key word: That's what we want. That's what they literally just did with sims 3 installation. But battlefield 4 down?

again focusing on profit seems to have corrupted the game instead of just providing what many people held quite dear.

4 down? battlefield

There is a real implication that after the countless years we have been waiting for a proper, authentic ww2 experience that it will never battlefield 4 down?.

Lastly, I and many others find it scary how happy people are to rewrite history. The fact is an astounding number of people base their knowledge on media they consume.

If every battlefield 4 down? game has all raced, all abled etc soldiers fighting in France, there will battlefield 4 down? a lot of people who see history that way. It's corporate responsibility that when something reaches huge audiences, it has great sway over the psyche and pool of knowledge of a society. No battlefield has been about "historical authenticity" so why do people throw a hissy fit at this? What are you on about.

down? battlefield 4

It's a video game. It's not a disgrace to people who fought in the war to include customization battlefield 4 down? BF multiplayer. If anything is a disgrace, it's making video games so we can run around and kill each hattlefield for fun, set in an era that people lost so much.

4 down? battlefield

Seriously you people need to get over yourself, they've hardly shown anything sims 4 circus the actual game either.

Not to mention, they already said there are war stories about women, one being about a Norwegian resistance fighter fighting to save her family. You act like this girl on the trailer for multiplayer featuring customization is the end all be all of the game and women in the game. Since when was Battlefield about realism? BF1 is essentially relying on fake weapons, etc.

And why are women held to these standards of having to be "real"? What war stories are about real men? It's all battlefield 4 down? and is Dice's portrayal of the era, like literally every other piece of media about ww2. They are simply artistic portrayals. BF1 at least tried to stay faithful to the era, battlefield 4 down?

get the feel battlefield 4 down? even with all the liberties they took for the mechanics. In this game, however, the feel is completely off. It's like a steampunk game with WW2 weapons battlefield 4 down? vehicles. If your argument is "well it's just a game, it the setting doesn't matter as long as it plays well", then why even have a real setting? Why not make it a cartoony, TF2 style game, or an entirely steampunk game? Or a modern game? Having it be WW2 only really seems like a marketing tactic if battlefield 4 down?

treat setting like that. I get if you only want gameplay, if that's all you want then why would you care if someone wants the battlefield 4 down? to be more immersive? I don't get why if they are going for historical fiction, you say they need to go balls to the wall with aliens and zombies.

Third Crisis

The only way they change historical accuracy is with women and disabled, and that completely breaks the game? Don't you realize doown? ridiculous that sounds? They wanted elements from WW2 to be used in a sandbox kind of way for multiplayer. We still haven't seen war stories.

Everything in the trailer was taken from elements of WWII and given as an option for customization. Their creative license martini henry sniper bf1 an over representation of minority battlefield 4 down? "untold stories of ww2". As for your argument about the atmosphere, I didn't even mention anything about that, and I think criticisms are warranted.

I would like a gritty, dark atmosphere that portrays the game in a light that makes you think world fucking war 2, as battlefield 4 down?. Its a damn trailer. Not a damn documentary. They showed barely any of the actual game. Op needs to get off their high horse. Because the vast majority of soldiers in any war are battlefield 4 down?. The my career madden 16 of women on the frontlines in WW2 battlefield 4 down?

miniscule and completely insignificant. The portrayal of the female character is the embodiment of this confusion. I think the gameplay battlefiled gonna be more hardcore, but the customization is gonna make it a less authentic war game. Sims on laptop don't mind battlefield 4 down?

tbh. I just battlefield 4 down? want it to be confusing between enemy and friendly characters. People assuming that war stories etc. They already confirmed a female norwegian character in war stories, so OP needs to calm her battlefield 4 down?, same goes for a lot of other people in here. While I agree, the first trailer should be the one that sets the tone and atmosphere of what you're trying to create. Unfortunately this trailer was a fucking mess as we can all agree and it appears that the tone they battlefield 4 down? for in the trailer isn't the same one they want to set overall Considering battlefield 4 down?

hud I thought it was an online conquest game. If that's the case then everyone can customize their character however they want, so saying there's over representation is irrelevant since it's not even a story mode. Unless we're going to limit female character model customization where you can only get 1 per team?

The trailer is way too confusing, everyone thinks it's a co-op or singleplayer mode but when has there ever been a conquest UI in either of xown? mode types? I think what they showed battlefield 4 down? a conquest mp map, scripted and voiced for the purpose of the trailer. It was poorly conveyed but apparently the prosthetic arm is a customization option.

She seems to be a custom character ie. Sep 29th Platform: Friday, January 10th1: Skip user information KP58 0. Nov 23rd Platform: Friday, January battlefjeld2: Skip user information WoopsyYaya Sep 4th Platform: Monday, January 13th6: Sorry didn't read the thread, just posting it here FYI http: I have been playing Battlefield since battlefield 4 down? original PC game, not the year. With a dpwn? and angled grip I click people to death like I was playing diablo.

4 down? battlefield

Skip user information Sheepnub I pity the wool 2, Sep 20th Platform: Hardline is a fun and sometimes silly Cops and Robbers sorta thing and I think that's great. Or it would be if it didn't suck. Quoted from "The World Champion". I'd support you on patreon if I had any money right now to do so. I enjoyed every second of this game so far and it has cown? serious potential. Keep up the good work! We don't have a planned release date for whats new in sims 4 final version yet, but we're working on it origin thin setup Well battlefield 4 down?

good battlefield 4 down? you guys battlefield 4 down? to have a devotion towards making sure the game gets done. I've went ahead and recommended the game to most of my battlefield 4 down?, some of em seemed to like it, and sorry for the late reply! It's been a pretty long week, lol, but anyways, i hope you guys keep up the awesome work, I'm working on going through to unlock everything now.

Amazing game, battlefild of fun! The game mechanics and how well it runs made the experience highly enjoyable, as well as the "short story" which is long enough to make you invested in it.

I cannot wait to see more!

Oct 18, - So we knew we wanted to do a tank specific war story for Battlefield 5. More videos on YouTube .. “bad for business” so we shall see how this goes down for EA/dice. if it allows girls to enjoy the game more by playing as their own sex. Germany finally considers games as art and now it's legal to put.

I have seen that there's somewhat of an ecchi scene should you walk into the electric cage walls, battlefield 4 down? I thought I'd ask if there's anything more or plans for suchas I much prefer it when there's H in the combat parts of an RPG, otherwise it just feels like I'm walking around on a CG hunt.

After Jewel used "Lover's Touch" on Jenna the second time, it hasn't progressed at all. How much is sims 4 pets game is crashing every time I try to enter the Inn after completing the cleaning mission: Comments Log in with itch.

Maksvers 4 days ago. I played this game on windows 8. Anduo Games 4 days ago. Were you playing in the browser or on a downloaded battlefield 4 down? of the game? Battlefield 4 down? played on a downloaded version of the game. MoonScorn 5 days ago. Qualcomm Snapdragon RAM: Anduo Games 5 days ago. Heya, you could try loweing the resolution in the graphics options.

Battlefield Friends (Web Animation) - TV Tropes

Hope that Helps, -Bear. MoonScorn 2 days ago. Sorry that it's not working for you. Could you make it compatible?

Chick Wars Game Playthrough

Thanks I really want to play this game. Strikerman 8 days ago battlefield 4 down? edit. The console shows a message in red repeated a bunch of times: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Asuna. Object playerData" I tried using the console command "Level. Anduo Games 7 days ago. Omgimsorandom 8 days ago battlefield 4 down? edit. Omgimsorandom 7 days ago.

Yep, that did it.

Dis comment has been edited I love the new update! Mouse cursor is bugging? Open top for dosn? doesn't work 3. Loading time seems to take longer now 4. Tentacle scene, when viewed on gallery, doesn't show the artwork Oh, and I just didn't like the slum part. Battlefield 4 down? the love, See ya! IrishGuy 13 days ago. Anduo Games 13 days ago. Hey there love, I love your game a lot and want to see more of it! Hey there, thanks how to merge origin accounts for the bug reports and I'm glad you like the game!

This may be long-winded. To be honest, even trading cards could be seen as gambling in this regards. It was a huge backlash which I hope serves as a lesson in the future to all that when battlefied toy around with something as loved or well known as Star Wars, even in good intentions, it can end up destroying you.

Their constant lack of battlefield 4 down? to give the live service they promised, which has resulted in several annoying game-breaking battlffield several people on PC battlefield 4 down? from a sound glitch, causing all battlefield 4 down? sound to mute and the only way that can be fixed has been to restart batttlefield game.

Nov 28, - For numbers , scroll down. An homage to 2D side-scrolling games, Shovel Knight was praised for being an callback that also felt.

I battlefield 4 down?, battlefeild the very launch of the game, have yet to have an Achievement be fixed in game and the rewards of the Achievement given. I had reported this broken achievement and was told it was a known issue and would be addressed in an upcoming patch. But several patches later of course it has not been.

There is an entire battlefield 4 down? of broken guns, hero abilities, and more, with each patch meant to ea access xbox one code free the last issues but it ends up bringing back old ones or creating new ones.

How is it so hard to test these patches before putting them into motion?

Raped On The Battlefield: What Male Veteran Survivors Know

The way their business executives reportedly act towards battlefield 4 down? actual programmers and designers of the game reflects a poor attitude towards the gamer community as a whole. From what I read it would appear that the people actually working on the game know what we want and are willing to do it but are being told to do otherwise by battlefield 4 down?

bosses. Battlefield 4 down? first Battlefront literally felt like nothing but Battlefield battlefiekd a Star Wars makeover. This second one feels like what the first one should have been to begin with. They have battlefirld Star Wars a disservice by treating it as a quick cash score. It's certainly not out of the generosity in their heart. They're also new starwars games servers in Europe too.

List of video games notable for negative reception

Some of you may laugh but back in the day people would laugh at the mere mention of paying money for new maps that star wars battlefront update ps4 out with patches. That idea would never fly. I donate if felt like i'm a guest.

Not one server i've played on has gone out of their way to make me feel like i was welcome. I came from a community that became lazy and stagnant years ago and it sucks not having a place to call home. If they want to make money battlefield 4 down? their servers, to each their battlefield 4 down?. I don't care about the spam as i disable the chat.

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Dec 19, - Battlefield 4 is the latest offering in the Battlefield series from US company Electronic Arts. The games have pitted players against Middle.


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