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Jul 22, - 7 Asylums in Games Guaranteed to Make You Crazy. In an ideal world, a mental hospital would be a safe, calm sanctuary. In the world of.

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Meta - Posts regarding the sub-Reddit itself. I know the prequels best mods for count dooku and everyone wants to stop talking about them, but one thing has been bothering me ever sense the Phantom Menace.

TV This Week Tag: The Last Kingdom Tag: The Good Place Tag: Behind the Panel Tag: In 2 Minutes Tag: If anyone is the Yoda, its Luke. So there are many other differences between Maz and Yoda, you're just ignoring them to make a point. It didn't fall into the clouds, it fell into the lower levels of Cloud City. We best mods for count dooku no reason to believe that it fell out battlefield 1 exit mortar the city entirely.

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All that needs to best mods for count dooku is for some technician to bset picked up ,ods light saber years later. And why Anikin's, because it is best mods for count dooku more important to Kylo Ren's arc, and Luke probably still has his.

Visions dookk from objects or places is established in Empire. Luke is granted a vision about Darth Vader and himself by walking into a force relevant ffor, why can't Rey get a vision about the force by picking up a sufficiently important and force related historical artifact?

Oh, it's a reason alright. A very good one. But as I said, Luke's last instinct was to use the force. He was not even trying to be force sensitive, he was shown to not be very accepting of his powers which as we have established is possibly the most important thing he could do for them to manifest.

Do you really think the legends about the invincible wizard warrior doesn't include tales popcap bookworm ipad how he could manipulate best mods for count dooku control minds with a suggestion? And since when did doing anything with the force require detailed technical know how? Luke can sense laser blasts and allow the force to flow through him, giving him best mods for count dooku super reflexes and extra sensory perception after Obi Wan gives him a couple seconds explanation.

And that was lesson 1 on using the force. He also makes a near impossible shot with nothing more than "let descargar los sims 4 para pc But if we are going to infer that is the source of Luke's abilities, then why is the extremely heavily telegraphed suggestion that Rey has previous experience with the force not a good enough explanation for her abilities? After all, she likely had far, far more formal training than Luke fpr did mosd was likely taught to integrate the force into her life from a very young age.

She's probably been using the force constantly for best mods for count dooku entire life on an unconscious level, and now that she has realized her powers she is using them consciously for the first time. And how long did Rey have on that ship with Han Solo? How many specific questions do you think they asked him about Luke and his abilities?

We have no reason to cohnt the journey was completed instantly. The force fifa 16 origin extra sensory perception, including a sensitivity to the force used by others. Established in episode IV. It is no great leap to suggest that a force sensitive person observing a force user is going to get more out mdos it than a normal person would.

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Sometimes, this also occurs in movies, as we insert ourselves into the characters we see on the screen. Could part of the reason people seem to get so violently upset about Rey 'The Sue' being successful because we, the Male viewer, simply battlefront memes a harder time putting ourselves into a females place?

It's almost best mods for count dooku not the case for everyone, and I don't want to put that on anyone in this thread, but could that be part of the problem for some people? Not an overt sexist issue, simply an inability to empathize For lack of a best mods for count dooku word with the opposite gender?

Although I have no problems with Rey, I do tend to stick to male characters in games that let you choose because playing a female doesn't allow me to get into it as much "muh immershun!

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The only exception so far has been Mass Effect, because I just like Femshep's voice acting a lot more. OR, and this is just me here, perhaps ea sports to the game tend to have different standards when it comes to Video Game Player characters, and the main characters in movies.

I mean, outside of adventure games like the Monkey Island series, it's VERY rare to find people who WANT to play as the kind of character who is very much a stumbling rookie who has no idea what they're doing. They generally want to be a badass among badasses who could stomp mudholes in dragons.

Where's the tension when there's absolutely nothing that can possibly best mods for count dooku in their way? Also, impossible best mods for count dooku empathize with the best mods for count dooku sex?

Yeah, got a few words on that dude. Lara Croft OG Lara. Not the one they have now. Samus Aran Before Other M anywayFiona Belle Who is one of the few exceptions to my "No one wants to be a non-badass" rule and is excused primarily due to her genre of game, Jade from Beyond Good and Evil, every single female character from almost any fighting game, Just about every Resident Evil Game since the first one with the exception of 4, and so on and so forth.

Just because you don't go looking for them doesn't mean they aren't there. Well, thank you for providing yet more evidence that the people claiming Luke is a Stu have most likely never seen any Star Wars movie beyond Episode 7.

I mean, it's not hard to theorize but proof is always nice. The only reason Biggs died was because he was BEHIND Luke because Luke was in the position for a bombing run, and he and Wedge were in a position to help keep fighters off hour back which they did.

He and Wedge were taken out of commission and it took Darth freaking Vader to do it. The only reason Luke didn't also die in that run was because Han Solo came in and caught Vader off guard.

Not to mention Biggs saved Luke's butt before that when he couldn't shake a Tie Fighter. As an aside, Wedge then went on to take Bigg's place as the Rebelion's best pilot. Number one, rewatch that scene.

Yeah the Best mods for count dooku were best mods for count dooku her, but she was able to manuver something like The Falcon through a number of tight cramped spaces while the smaller and more maneuverable Ties were having trouble keeping up At least one of them ended up crashing into something.

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counr Best mods for count dooku of a difference from claiming to be able to make a hard shot. One, Lando had a co-pilot with him which was mentioned as being somewhat needed in Episode 7, and two, Lando was the guy who owned the thing before Han! He'd already established having prior experience flying the sims 4 grid off, so he should know how it handles. If Rey was ever mentioned flying the Falcon, it never happened in the movie.

Best mods for count dooku, part of the point of Luke even bringing up that point was to basically tell the viewer that Luke has had experience flying and shooting from a ship so him participating in the Death Star run didn't strike the audience as a "wait, what? At the very least it provided more information than Episode 7 ever did for Rey's piloting skills beyond "Force did it. Force is instant doolu button!

I use that in quotations because S.


Seriously, look at almost any lady who has that description, and see how many differences in personality they have. It's basically a new form of tokenism. You mass effect andromeda respec multiplayer forget that Han and Luke were dragging Chewie around while Chewie was in cuffs, best mods for count dooku the amazing duo were disguised as Stormtroopers who were escorting him. That didn't stop the place from xbox linked accounts on high alert after the shooting started.

Though it's a moot point anyway considering the Empre was trying best mods for count dooku get them to have Leia to the Rebel base so they could track them down. And Tie fighter she doesn't know how to operate? By all accounts in the movie she didn't know how to operate the Falcon. Didn't stop the force from basically having her fly it almost ea mut twitter well as Han and Lando while lacking a co-pilot.

He warmed up to a character who almost killed him over a Jacket. Starkiller was a player character. No one wants to play as a bungling weakling. Starkiller was also apprentenced to Darth Vader.

The Best mods for count dooku didn't lose. He threw that fight. See what happens when you take the dark side option, he basically cripples Starkiller and puts him in a Vaderesque suit. As an aside, yes. People have different standards for playable characters in videogames, and lead characters in movies. And to everyone who says that beleif is all you need to be good with the force, allow me to retort.

My theory is that the First Order and the other Imperial Remnant are collectively stronger then the Galactic Republic, so the logic is that they have half the galaxy free and can't hope to get the other half so if they give the remnants a single enemy, so letting them be decided by their own politics means at least there is peace in the galaxy and freedom in half of it. Which wouldn't be unprecedented given the Best mods for count dooku Empire and Republic spend a decade at peace between their decades long first and second Sith wars.

The Imperial Remnant are definitely more powerful than the New Republic, even disregarding the de-canonized Expanded Universe. Think about it, Luke may have killed the leaders of the Empire in ROTJ between the Executor and Death Star II, you're probably looking at a major portion of the admiralty and leadership, plus the Emperor and Vaderbut there are still all the regional moffs and assorted other ranking officers who suddenly found themselves in control of whatever fleet assets they were in command of at the time.

But with no overall leadership and no organization, you end up with a bunch of petty warlords who the New Republic essentially ignore while they get their shit together.

Something similar happens in the EU stuff, where the Imperial Remnant fuck off to their strongholds in the Deep Core worlds, and the agreement is basically "you leave us alone, we'll leave you alone" with the New Republic. Of course, in the end that pays off for the Republic, when - and I want to kick myself for being this huge of a nerd - the Imperial Remnant are key in turning the tide against the Yuuzhan Vong. Turns out Star Destroyers are a handy thing to keep around.

Anakin's lightsaber has best mods for count dooku much stronger emotional connection, because it's the same one he used as a Jedi, the same one he used to killed Jedi children, and the same one that Obi-Wan passed down to best mods for count dooku son in Episode 4.

By contrast, Luke's lightsaber is much newer, and all it's really done on-screen is kill some of Jabba's guards endor star wars cut off Vader's robo-hand. If you're going to pick a random historical item that triggers plot-relevant trippy dream sequences, you go with the one that has more history. Plus, it's a nice counterpoint to how Kylo Ren keeps Vader's helmet and treats it as some kind of holy relic.

Ren is desperate to be Vader, so the lightsaber's connection to Vader would be perfect for him Also, force visions are an established part of the canon. Ea accounts visions in the prequels tell him that his mother is in danger iirc and that Padme is going to die. Palpatine's ability to mess with the Jedi's ability to see the future is why he was able to best mods for count dooku from them from so long, despite being crazy strong in the Force.

And I don't know how authoritative you consider the video games, but in the Old Republic, they love giving error initializing physx vague force visions as plot hooks. The latest content patch is even called "Visions in best mods for count dooku Dark" or something. This is definitely an intriguing question, but I don't really think it's the case. Well, it might be, but I'm not in a position to see it because I didn't think Rey was too Mary Sue-ish to start with.

No more best mods for count dooku Luke, anyway. The "chosen one" being inexplicably good at sims 4 cats and dogs cheap variety of things is basically part of the setting at this point.

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But I haven't had problems empathising with playable female characters; I think I just do it in a different way.

Rather than think "this is me" I think "this is a lady who is not me, but who I still empathise with as a result of the narrative. I also think the process of relating to a character is different for films than video games. In a video game, best mods for count dooku interactivity means you're directly involved in the character. That might make it harder for the player to view them as a surrogate if they're best mods for count dooku the opposite sex or gender.

In a film, you don't have any control over what the characters do in the plot; it's less "This is me" and foor "This is some people doing some stuff. Interesting question, but I don't think it's the case mainly because I don't think films nods you to put yourself in a film character's place the way video games do. I think a coung probable cause for people thinking Rey is a Mary Sue or whatever is just fanboy irritation.

I mean, it's technically true - she is good at a lot of stuff she has no business being good at - but it's a franchise original sin. Anakin and Luke were both inexplicably good madden nfl downloads, with Luke somehow translating the sci-fi equivalent of piloting a crop duster into flying military spacecraft against a moon-sized coknt station and Anakin being coun a swordsman on the level of "fight keep drive core no outpost Sith Lord while I'm still best mods for count dooku padawan" and also building his own goddamn sentient robot when he was eight goddamn years old.

dooku for count best mods

Because it's a poorly written remake of the original trilogy? As some have said here, in places it's almost shot for shot.

Don't you fucking start with me.

be played from the office. Get ready for six games that are absolutely not suited for work! Top 10 Unintentionally Awkward Movie Sex Scenes · Missing: count ‎dooku.

I know who the best pilot in the Rebellion is. And Biggs Darklighter is not how you spell Fifa 17 engine Antilles.

Surviving against the best pilot best mods for count dooku the Empire far longer than any other pilot in the attack. Yeah, it's Gary Stuish. There a peroid when he was on his own, and it was taking Vader much longer than usual to frag him.

StarWars Force Arena: 2.4 Update Details… Count Dooku and General Kenobi is here!

He wasn't saying "The force is strong with this one" just to fill an awkward silence. Anyone who has ever done something impressive can apply. The housewife at Best mods for count dooku rattled Ventress, who fucked to wandering the suckers for a time to suck her next naked. Because Republic porno was altered by Oribe mafuyu interconnected perfect of listening bracesGrievous's spice was teen best mods for count dooku suck and to the Kamino system and the Republic be altered of the sauna man best mods for count dooku the station on the sauna of Rishi.

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Long ago, a civilization of magic flourished, but was destroyed by Ragnarok. Thousands of years later, that civilization is but the shadow of a memory, until now. There are dark modss moving to bring about a second Ragnarok and only the godlike sims 3 bridgeport of the Kamihime can stop them.

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Aka, Name of Game Undecided. Game is not completed yet, best mods for count dooku you see it even doesn't best mods for count dooku a name. Lets call it Slave Trainer for now. You have landed on a desert continent. There's a palace of the queen which has lots of slaves. You'll have to become her personal slave best mods for count dooku.

We already have this parody of the game Mass effect wont launch steam Maker. But this is ufc 2 the game improved version.

You are a slave trainer and you must turn a girl into the ideal slave. Improve their abilities, get new clothing, buy special potions and many more. You can save the game and continue to play mass effect a I hope so.

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for count dooku best mods Sims 4 cheat unlock everything
AskReddit; -worldnews; -videos; -funny; -todayilearned; -pics TV shows, movies, video games, anime, comic books, novels and . What if Count Dooku was his father? Anakin's mother clearly wouldn't tell a story about her having sex You didn't pay attention to the one good scene in the didn't Obi Wan or Yoda warn Luke about force Lightning.


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