Retrieved 27 December A deposition in the law of the United States , or examination for discovery in the law of Canada , involves the taking of sworn, out-of-court oral testimony of a witness that may be reduced to a written transcript for later use in court or for discovery purposes. Do not hesitate to ask a question that you do not know the answer to at the deposition. Otherwise, the doctor may come to a deposition with a record consisting of several filing cards and, at trial, arrive with other material that was not produced earlier because he thought it was not properly part of his office record or because he forgot he had those records. If negligence on behalf of another party can be proved in court, compensation may be awarded. Your adversary may be hoping that you do. In extreme circumstances where the relationship between the lawyers, parties, or witnesses has totally broken down, the court may require the use of a discovery referee who will have authority to sit in on depositions and rule immediately on objections as they are presented, or may order that all further depositions take place in court in the presence of a judge.

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Seven Cardinal Sins Experienced Lawyers Make in Deposing the Opposing Party

The exercise simply avoids quibbling about the terms later. By actually doing so at depositions, then at trial you will be properly armed and therefore able to actually adhere to the rule never ask a question to which you do not know the answer to.

Begin by asking the defendant if, prior to the deposition, he reviewed the office and hospital records, whether he discussed the case with his attorney, and whether his recollection of the facts is clear. Remember, it is a question, not a speech topic. The following information and checklist will be helpful in completing the defendant doctor’s deposition. From the deposition, you will develop a list of further witnesses to be deposed and documents to be produced.


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Deposing the Defendant Physician | Miami Personal Injury Attorney

Emphasis will also be on the reasons the engineer deplsing the actual design with its known risk was selected. The inquiry may proceed along the following lines: When done calmly and correctly the witness usually hangs himself. Counsel must be aware of any government regulations affecting warnings from the manufacturer.

The following actions can maximize the potential benefit of these depositions: Doctors who respond to what they expect counsel to say, or answer the point that they think the attorney is getting to are the ones who get into trouble. Even in fishing you have a plan. As one moves up the corporate ladder, greater emphasis will be placed on committing the deponent to certain positions: There must be some mechanism for field response to assist developmental product engineering.

Petersburg, Polk County, and Kissimmee.

Counsel must then explore with the engineer the pros and cons of each design. You have therefore retained the appropriate experts and learned all you can from them up to this point.

Designing out the hazard. A paralegal should not prepare a witness for deposition, as that is the duty and responsibility of the lawyer. One thing doctors are used to is multitasking: Prior to the deposition, you should obtain all of the discovery requested. Defemdant, you should pause and think. This is why the anticipated and actual environment of use had to be identified by the engineering department. An investigation of the seposing, his practices, his office routine, and information from prior employees should be obtained.


You may decide to bring in other experts or deffendant further the issues of the case with your present experts or may now have the grist to bring the matter to expert review and reporting. Could this also be my fate forever — doomed to mediocrity?

Deposing the Product Manufacturer’s In-House Engineers

Oral examination is typically completed after pleadings and requests for particulars by exchange of affidavits of documents and sometimes written questions and answers interrogatories. The higher the probability of suffering a severe injury, the greater is the hazard.

Once you have made your record, do not hesitate to call. Some lawyers push on and on and on regarding a given point in a deposition, while others simply give up almost immediately before getting to the crux of the matter. It was not until I second chaired a few trials and started trying my own that I began to understand what a deposition is really to be about and how it should be approached.

Obtain agreements and concessions in simple straightforward language that jurors will relate to.

If you preserve your deposition book and develop it into a trial book, here is where you place your manuscript of the deposition and your page and line summary of its contents.