I have read everything I can think of. I think I’m going to purchase this today: Thanks for the help narrowing it down! Feb 23, 10 wes70 Very Active Member 1, 0 36 Oct 31, Canada Look around for a used “quality” plotter in S classifieds, ebay, craiglist, or equipment suppliers. Should i buy this vinyl cutter master tiger off ebay Another thing to point out is that the stepper motors are very loud, and do not have the durability of a Servo motor. It’s nice to be able to be on a “first name” basis with the people you talk to in a forum. It’ll be way faster.

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USB adaptor for Master vinyl cutting plotter Model: Dec maser, 2: Flexi data cable from cutter head to mainboard Model: Dec 29, 3: I pressed the reset button on the plotter and escape, cancel communication, closed the desag window. The cutter works fine, so I know my usb adapter, cutter cable, ground, Vista driver, and cutter are physically capable of working.


Measuring the rs handshake voltages requires a breakout box and a meter. Micro switch for Master vinyl cutting plotter Model: Should i buy deaay vinyl cutter master tiger off ebay Terry I had this problem once with Vista and adjusting the handshake fixed it, but makes no difference with Windows 7. We have a Community Forum that is monitored by me and our support team 7 days a week.

SignTools 4 cuts from the bottom left of the page either manually place object s in the bottom left of the CorelDRAW page or use the “Vinyl Saver” tool with the sliding bar all the way to the left.

Should i buy this vinyl cutter master tiger off ebay – T-Shirt Forums

Help Post by Twisted on I wonder if there is a difference in the cable. Feb 23, 6. December 12th, Feel free to review our Privacy Policy in a new window.

Graphtec cutters are nothing short of amazing. Vinyl Express kinda sucks as well. You can ask and see some of the comments here: It’s a SignWarehouse exclusive.

Mar 1, For more information 11000 here. I don’t know man, looking at the add they make it sound really great but you have to keep in mind that these machines are our lively hood or part of it so if it brakes it must get fixed fast.


You will get What you pay for! And SignWarehouse pays guys like me to be here, too.

I dont know if your were refering to me about the motherboards? I think I’m going to purchase this today: Dug through our beloved forums, here, and found that it was possible to add multiple reg marks to a cut through Wasatch.

Jan at Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Get with out support folks at support signwarehouse.

This site uses cookies. Dec 29, December 29th, Dec 29, 2: USB adaptor for Master vinyl cutting plotter. Password Please enter a password for your user account.