If not, how is the X Pro holding up? One of my PCI slots is occupied by a Wireless adapter. I didn’t want to risk going with another “cheap” PSU. Ok well kind of embarrassing but I slept on the issue and re-looked at my situation with a fresh mind. I might just order that Fortron you suggested. Your parents won’t be dissapointed.

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This should improve although it would be fine for someone who had trouble seeing. I’m doing the same.

You’ll do better in the long run. Thanks for the links. I hooked up a new 19” Norwood monitor I picked up at Compusa I looked at the card and it seems you may get by with your current PSU.

Anybody have any experience with this? Why would you want to upgrade that? The unit weighs Some emachines t’s have pci express slot, perhaps mine does?

Look at this website to get an idea of what chhipset expect: Do PSUs come in certain sets of sizes? The time now is Are they any good? The screen is a perfectly clear x From the looks of the PSU: I suppose that I’ll wait for axekick’s update.


Any help is always appreciated. Here is a link to the watt bluestorm, Should be more than enough for your needs. I didn’t want to risk going with another “cheap” PSU.

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The 2 meg memory sticks totaled around 61 bucks including free shipping, then they informed me it was sent second day air but they did not charge me for t412 I am assuming that I cannot use both graphics systems, and 2 monitors.

I think I can, but I’m not sure that the onboard can still be used once I go.

Tech told me the card would automatically disable the onboard and it did, I didn’t have to change jumpers or go in to bios. I emailed emachine tech support and have had quick response.

I’ve got some more questions: It may fmachine something in the Manual on the support site I linked to.

eMachines T6412 – Upgrade options?

On the emachines it may be a black slot. A couple of posts in their from others who upgraded the video cards in their machines without problems and one who did emacjine problems although he believes it was a faulty ATI card.


Thought you may be interested; http: After being enlightened to the way of the PSU, it may come in handy down the road. The most critical plug would be the one to the motherboard. I intend on upgrading. You are posting a reply to: This means that you will have an ATX format motherboard where the mounting screws and the backplane where the keyboard, mouse, USB ports etc.