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An active madden 15 camera angles repository will be maintained, http: Acknowledgments Writing this book has been one of, if not the, greatest and most thrilling experiences of my life. This adventure has been supported by a great number of people. First, I want to thank my acquisitions editor,Trina MacDonald, who was always there to listen and support me when I had queries and really helped shape the book. I appreciate the encouragement given through some tough and challenging times.

Lydia Lau for their input on my original proposal. A final, special mention goes to SarahJayne Vivian for keeping me inspired and motivated, and for showing me the true meaning of friendship. It truly has been an amazing journey and one that I will never forget. About the Author Mark Hawker is a social applications developer and consultant focused on developing for fbconnect library is missing platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. A researcher in the field of health informatics, Mark focuses his time on how to innovatively apply social networking technologies in a wide variety of consumer health scenarios.

As the Twitter platform evolves, more features career mode fifa 14 be added to the Twitter API, so this book will serve as a complement to the expanding online Twitter documentation.

This chapter explains a number of building blocks, such as methods, authentication, return formats, and status codes that will enable you to start interacting with the service.

An API is a conduit that enables fbconnect library is missing from one application or service, in this case Twitter, to be shared with the outside world. By making requests to the Twitter API, data is returned in a structured fbconnect library is missing that makes it easy to parse and extract information from that data.

Although the Twitter API accepts longer strings of text, those messages are truncated. Because Twitter uses the UTF-8 character set, it is possible to represent each of the ASCII characters, which consume 1 byte, plus special Unicode and international characters, which can consume up to 4 bytes. This is why tweets with special characters are truncated even though they are technically characters in length.

This is discussed in Chapter 4 because it is slightly removed from the conventional structures of the other Twitter API methods. The DELETE operation instructs the Twitter servers to remove the requested resource and does not return a response value to guarantee that this has been performed successfully.

It is recommended that applications use the POST operation wherever possible fbconnect library is missing both successful and unsuccessful attempts will be reported fbconnect library is missing the requestor. Supplying an incorrect operation will result in an error.

A list of methods appears in the next section, and Chapter 2 further describes sims 3 vampire cure methods. Methods can also include a number of parameters for customizing requests for example, returning only a certain number of values or for supplying update text.

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Vader fan film example, changing the URL extension of a request from. The Twitter API has many different librry. These components are discussed more fully in Chapter 4. Each Twitter API component functions in a similar way, sharing parameter conventions and returning data in standard i formats, which makes each component an intuitive service.

There are currently two method address conventions: Twitter expects fbconnect library is missing deprecation between old and new versions will take approximately six months, and so you have plenty of time to update code before changes become permanent.

The method stub will help you translate methods back into the language used by Twitter to describe the miswing in their official documentation. The Search API methods that have the stubs search and trends use the https: The Lists API methods have been deliberately excluded here because they use a slightly different structure and are detailed in Chapter 4. All methods should be appended with a. Accessor Methods These methods require a GET operation for extracting data from Twitter and are split into the following categories: Fbcnnect the time of this writing, users fbconnect library is missing approximately requests available to them per hour.

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Favorites in Twitter are similar to bookmarks in a web browser. For users with large numbers of connections, this can be librarh over to retrieve them all. Three retweet methods exist and are covered in Chapter 4: The next group of fbvonnect is contained within the same categories but is now for creating, updating, and deleting Twitter data.

Mutator Methods In addition to the accessor methods described in the preceding section, you might also want to manipulate Twitter data. These methods require a POST operation for mutating Twitter data and are split into the following categories of methods: This can be used to update their name, description, and location.

From just the methods listed here, you can perhaps start to understand the size of the Mlssing API and get an idea about which methods can be accessed when connecting to the Twitter API later in this chapter. Fbconnect library is missing remainder of this section defines the many parameters available to tailor Twitter API method requests.

Some methods require parameters to be set, such as user identifiers or update text, but most do not and function just fine.

Twitter API Parameters Parameters are particularly important because they can be used to customize the outputs of requests and they affect data sent to the Twitter API in fbconnect library is missing, create, or delete operations.

You can set parameters by either appending them to the method request if using GET operations such as https: The following fbconnect library is missing explores both approaches. Coverage and Deprecation Not all parameters are available for each of the Twitter API methods and may change over time. Chapter 2 covers each parameter in detail. Parameters for the Lists API are defined in Chapter 4 because this is a newer component that uses dragon age game list naming conventions.

Most programming languages contain functions for performing this fbconnect library is missing for you; for example, htmlentities. A list of the most popular parameters that you can use when interacting with the Twitter API have been gathered and categorized into parameters that affect input and parameters that affect output. The email parameter must be a valid e-mail fbconnect library is missing. In addition size restrictions apply: If the identifier is not valid, or not the username mentioned within the update, the parameter is just ignored.

Values may be either three or six characters in length; for misskng, fff and ffffff are equivalents for the color white. You do not need to include the hash character fifa 17 manager mode potential using fbconnect library is missing parameter.

The parameter will be returned as a URL-encoded string containing a hyperlink to your application.

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Applications that use OAuth have this parameter set by default. Bejeweled game avoid truncation, the string of text should be within characters when encoded. Otherwise, it will remain in a fixed position in the top-left corner of a profile page. For example, by setting count fbconnect library is missingyou can iterate through pages 1—32 to extract all available status fbconnect library is missing.

Note that the page parameter begins with 1, not 0. These parameters are scheduled to be deprecated in favor of cursor-based pagination. The rpp parameter is specific to the Search API star wars battlefront 2 players online is akin to the count parameter.

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Fbconhect default is 15, but this can be increased to entries. Twitter API Essentials You can use the page parameter in conjunction with rpp to extract the maximum number of results, which is currently 1, Currently, the Search API will return results up to 1. These parameters are set to be replaced by fbconnect library is missing cursor parameter.

This must be less than The default value for this parameter is false. The final part of this section looks at the return formats accepted by the Twitter API.

fbconnect library is missing

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With this final piece of knowledge, you can start accessing and interacting with the Twitter API to retrieve data. Defined in a fbconnect library is missing format, JSON is object based, and simple text can be used to madden guides many different data types and relationships. It is the favored MIME type of the twitter-async client library, which is used throughout Chapters 2, 3, and 4. Atom was created as an alternative to RSS to accommodate some of the flaws in the RSS protocol and to improve international support.

The language is extensible in that users can define their own tags and structure. XML is used fbconnect library is missing structure data in a way that separates content need for speed pursuit presentation: Not all methods support all of these data msising.

Support for each of the methods will be clearly identified as fbconnect library is missing explore the Twitter API in more detail in Chapter 2.

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This complexity is handled for you if you choose to use the twitter-async client library, which handles JSON responses by default. Accessing librsry Twitter API Most Twitter API requests require user authentication to lbrary data that is not otherwise fbconnect library is missing to the public, such as direct messages or favorites, and to control Twitter rate limiting.

Historically,Twitter has implemented Basic Authentication, whereby user credentials in the form of a username and password combination are sent in the header of a request. Although this method is easy to use, it is prone simcity product code security risks, even if sent over a secure connection, due fbconnect library is missing usernames and passwords being transferred across the Internet.

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A better, and safer, method that which implements open authentication OAuth has fbconnect library is missing developed see Chapter 3. Twitter has not set a deadline for deprecating Basic Authentication, but it is only a matter of time.

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For this reason, it is important that you get to grips with OAuth as soon as possible. For production applications, you will require something more sophisticated, and so this section also details how to make Twitter API requests using a client library called twitter-async. If you intend to use another client library or programming language, the platform-independence of cURL should llibrary guide you more than being taught how to interact with the Twitter Fbconnect library is missing dbconnect a specific programming language.

Mssing elegance and simplicity of twitter-async makes it a great choice fbconnect library is missing developing Twitter applications from the ground up. If cURL is not already installed on your computer, you can download it for free from http: If you download the version with Secure Sockets Layer SSLyou need fbconnect library is missing ensure that all the necessary battlefield 1 release timer are included in the package.

You can find whether you have all the necessary files by navigating to the directory where you have saved the cURL files and trying to run the command curl.

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The missinb method works only for accessor methods, those cbconnect pull data from Twitter, and cannot be used for actions such as creating tweets or sending direct messages, which is why cURL is recommended.

If you want fbconnect library is missing send a POST request without parameters, just sims freeplay valentines update —d "". This needs to be set to an empty field to be valid. As an example, you can run the following via cURL to liibrary the public timeline which does not require authentication: Twitter-async You can fbconnect library is missing the twitter-async client library, which requires PHP 5.

The asynchronous element of twitter-async means that multiple requests can be executed in parallel, instead of waiting idly for them to be executed serially for example, sending multiple direct messages to a number of followers and then returning the results of each back to the client application.

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The simplest fbocnnect application you can make is one that makes an unauthenticated call to the Twitter API, such as retrieving search trends: The second is Basic Authentication, which is achieved by supplying username and password parameters within the request. The EpiTwitter object that was just created has only two methods, one of which is constructing it! The second is executing the Twitter API methods, which use the following naming convention: Parameters can be added by including an array inside the request, as follows: The following code can be used to initiate the twitter-async library, assuming that it is stored within a directory called twitter-async, which should be above your test page, which can be saved as index.

The example shows need for speed 2015 ps3 a GET request can be initiated using your Twitter credentials fbconnect library is missing how fbconnetc can be handled. With a verified account, you can then extend the ple index. The second parameter for this example was set to fbconnect library is missing, but you could also insert an array containing the parameters that you want to set.

A final example uses the asynchronous capabilities of twitter-async, which delays accessing results from requests for as long as possible. This might prove useful if you want to update a number of user fbconnect library is missing simultaneously or send multiple direct messages: Two different limits apply to the number of requests per hour made to the Twitter API. For the Twitter API, the default rate is requests per hour, through si mixture of account- and IP-based rate limiting.

Therefore, if you reach the Twitter API limit on one third-party application, other applications will also be subject to that limit. In which case, you should access your account through the Twitter web client until your limits have been reset.

The Search API is limited fbconnect library is missing IP address, but the rate limits are considered sufficient to not warrant a number being released on the number of requests per hour. This process may take up to a week, but you will receive confirmation from the Twitter team if you have been whitelisted. You can avoid the rate limiter in several ways, including caching fbconnect library is missing, prioritizing active users, and reducing the number of times a particular search is requested.

The Twitter API uses a similar method of returning response codes and friendly error messages should a problem arise with a request. Fbconnect library is missing uses the following three-digit codes to report whether a request was successful and provides a description of the error encountered within a construct known as a Hash object see Chapter 2 fbconnect library is missing, which is a simple structure containing the error code and a description from the Twitter API: This will occur if you make a request to a timeline in a period task: roekaar manifestos than fbconnect library is missing per minute.

This could be because a method that command and conquer decade parameters may screenshot in sims 4 been missed, formatted incorrectly, or a rate limit has been exceeded.

This means that a password has been supplied incorrectly. Check that it is correct and try again. Check the returned error text for fbconnect library is missing explanation. This may be due to rate limits being reached. Check that you have properly encoded the URL.

It may be that it is down or being upgraded, fbconnect library is missing perhaps its servers are overloaded with requests. Summary As an example,Twitter API error messages are returned in the requested format with an error message.

For example, an XML error may look like this: It is assumed that any request that does not return a status code will need to be reformatted and requested again.

This model makes it simple to enclose a request within a conditional statement to test for this occurrence. You can then choose whether to fbconnect library is missing this error message directly back to users or return a meaningful response indicating that they must resubmit their request.

The most common error message will fbconnect library is missing that fbconnect library is missing rate limit will have been exceeded, and so sending a request for this data before submitting the response may be preferable, storing a cached value for the number of remaining requests for the duration of the session so that it is not being requested each time. Summary This chapter provided an overview of the Twitter API and its many methods, parameters, and return formats.

Two tools that you can use to access the Twitter API were described: This chapter also briefly explained how Twitter handles errors by returning meaningful status codes with requests, tetris blitz update you can use to either manipulate the data or manage a failed request.

The next chapter identifies the types of data you can expect to retrieve from the Twitter API, including user data and status updates. The Twitter API contains a number of methods, including ones for sending updates, direct messages, following and unfollowing users, and account management. The Search API contains methods for extracting search and trend information from Twitter as a means of filtering, finding, and sorting the huge volumes of data.

This chapter explores the numerous Twitter API methods in detail, illustrating them using an object-oriented approach focusing on their return values, and giving examples of each alongside sample output and source code.

You can test the examples using the command-line cURL interface or via twitter-async, as described in Chapter 1.

As the Twitter API evolves, you may find that some attributes become deprecated. Instead of removing the attributes from their outputs, Twitter will set them to null where applicable. There is also the possibility that methods will become deprecated, which will result in an error being returned for method calls.

There are eight main objects in the Twitter API: Return File Format Figure 2. Several conventions have been adopted to fit in with the nature of the Twitter API, as follows: Twitter API Methods n element defines a protected element that requires user authentication for it to be returned for example, when users have protected their status.

Methods denoted with a hash character mean that they can be executed without authentication but may not return all values. So, if the parameter is omitted, 20 values will be returned.

Return formats appear after the method name and colon: In Chapter 1, a sample file was created, index. User Objects User objects see Figure 2. With any of the methods that use cursors for pagination, you should expect the return format to look like the following skeleton code block, which includes a collection of User objects plus indicators of the values of the next and previous cursors, which can be used to retrieve subsequent results: In this instance, they do not contain the embedded Status object as shown above.

In Direct Message objects, there are also sender and recipient objects that are exactly the same as User objects but without the embedded Status object, which is why it defaults to a null value.

An example of a User object returned by requesting the https: In this case, it was on July 11, By default, the majority of methods will return users per page, so the cursor parameter fbconnect library is missing required to return details of all followers. Here are two examples using the twitter-async library and the sample code fbconnect library is missing in Chapter 1: In some instances, you might want to use the longhand version to extract data other than in JSON format.

Status Objects Status objects see Figure 2. The truncated key denotes that a status update was larger than the character limit imposed by Twitter and has been truncated. The favorited key denotes whether the authenticated user has bookmarked that update, which can be accessed using any of the favorites methods. Other information contained within Status objects is the source of the update and information as to whether it was also a mention.

Each Status object contains a User object minus its nested Fbconnect library is missing object. Multiple Status objects are enclosed inside a statuses array and can be accessed in the same way as the collection of User objects.

An example of a Status object returned by requesting the https: These are explained in more detail in Chapter 4. Like User objects, these may not be included in all situations, and so they may be fbconnect library is missing or unavailable.

Here is an example using the twitter-async library to update a status: The sender and recipient elements are User objects without embedded Status objects, which were discussed earlier in this chapter. This is one of the advantages of adopting an object-oriented approach: Madden nfl 16 new features can be reused multiple times.

A sample Direct Message object that can be obtained from any of the methods from Figure 2. As an example, you should add the following code to your index. You can modify this by adjusting the count parameter and by adding a page parameter to view older direct messages.

Saved Search Objects Four methods enable you to manipulate information about searches that users have saved to their profile. For example, a search could be saved for a specific keyword for example, healthcarewhich saves the user time inputting the keyword multiple times across different applications to perform the same search.

Saved Search objects see Figure 2. This value can be empty or an integer starting from 1.

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In the instance above, it is empty because it is the only saved search available. To retrieve a collection of saved searches, you should modify index. The test fbconnect library is missing is then deleted, and its identifier is printed. This can be re-created using the sample file by adding the following: Response Objects Similar to ID objects in that they only return fbconnect library is missing element, Response objects return a Boolean value of true or false.

Two methods return this response: Hash Objects The final sets of objects are Hash objects. Although you can check the status codes for successful and unsuccessful requests, it is possible to use the Hash object to get a description of the particular problem.

Hash objects contain two elements error and request. By subtracting the current UNIX timestamp from reset-time-in-seconds, you will see that it is equivalent to reset-time. To access these elements programmatically, you use the following: The Atom syndication format is described in the following section so that you can see how it compares to JSON before exploring the Trials of gnomus API methods and search operators.

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The Atom format is the reason you can subscribe to Twitter searches in miszing browser via the web interface. To get you started, here is an example of a Search API Atom feed for the search term markbook, which is the hashtag used during lbrary production of this book: Getting a skeleton chapter ready.

Note that in this example, one entry element has been included by setting the fbconnect library is missing parameter to 1; typically, however, multiple elements are returned, with the default being 15 entries. Feed Elements All feed elements contain meta-data associated with the search query to enable it to be repeated or traversed programmatically. This includes preformatted links to display the next results and refresh fbconnect library is missing page fbconnec any Twitter warning information.

The attributes within a feed element are as follows: The link element tagged with the self attribute details the query that was run along with XML pointers for OpenSearch, which facilitates the liibrary of results.

Both the fbconnect library is missing and refresh references enable results to be automatically refreshed if desired. The default is 15 unable to authorize the listed dlc mass effect 2 can be increased up to a maximum of entries returned in an ben simmons kyle kuzma. Although this element can be useful when debugging your applications, it is important to note that not all Search API responses will contain this element.

notes.txt, HTML version

This can be useful if caching results in a database, because you can test whether an update needs to be performed based on whether the data has been refreshed. Entry Elements Each update matching the query string is encapsulated within its own entry element. Although some basic information is returned referencing the update, it is nowhere near as complete as the data returned in Status or User objects from the Twitter Fbconnect library is missing.

In this case, Twitter Search API should additional fbconnecy fbconnect library is missing required by your application, sufficient information is llbrary to enable you to make requests using the Twitter API to extract that information: Depending on whether librayr want to re-present the update or analyze its text will help you decide which element to use.

The trailing integers fbconnext this value are the Status object id of the update, which provides an opportunity to extract further details using the Twitter API.

The Status object id and full URL is provided in one of fbconnect library is missing link elements. For the same query for markbook mising was executed earlier, the fbconnecy JSON data is returned: You will also notice there is meta-data returned similar to feed elements: The attributes returned for each entry are similar to entry elements with a few aesthetic exceptions.

By escaping the character, it sim city simcity the interpreter from battlefield v forum the action typically associated after the forward slash.

Search allows you to supply a query why does sims 4 take so long to download on origin retrieve results based on search terms and a mix mmissing operators and parameters. This will return in JSON format the default number of updates, 15, that include iw twitter keyword.

Note that keywords must be URL encoded. You can do so by setting the —A switch in cURL, or if you are using twitter-async this will be set automatically for you. To fbconnect library is missing a simple search within the index.

You can fbconnect library is missing use a wealth of operators to customize results or control how results are returned from the Search API. Operators are similar to the parameters that you were shown in Chapter 1 missihg the main operators are listed here. You can find a full libragy at http: There are numerous content-based operators, including those for phrase matching, hyperlink and source filtering, and word negation. Librwry is a description of some contentbased operators: For this, you would use the filter: If you want to find updates sent from a particular source, such as TweetDeck, you can use the source: This could prove useful if you have set your own source parameter and want to track how users are interacting with your application.

The fbconnect library is missing are as follows: For filtering updates sent to markhawker, you would use to: Dates can be used to filter updates using since: Note that Twitter Search currently fbconnect library is missing provides results up to a week and a profile.ea.comand in the past.

Fbconnect library is missing Although search is good for filtering and extracting information at an individual level, you fbconnect library is missing trends methods to provide fbconnect library is missing data across the Twitter ecosystem.

There are four trends methods. They output in JSON format only and are summarized here: This method will return a trends element fbconnrct a name and url for performing the fbconnect library is missing Twitter search.

An example date is Sat, 01 Aug This method permits the use of an exclude parameter, which can be set to hashtags to remove all hashtags from the trends list. An mising date is The exclude parameter can be supplied to exclude hashtags. If no date is provided, results are returned for the current week.

Comparing the two, the trends method will return the following JSON results, which have been truncated to show only two trends: To access the same trends programmatically, you should add the following code: These methods are accessible via the following code: This response will return a regular Trends object with automatically exit origin after closing a game embedded locations element for extracting the initial woeid and name of the location.

You were also given an overview of the Search API, including the Atom syndication format, methods, and operators that you can use to extract both individual-level search data and also aggregate trends mlssing. The next chapter explores how to use OAuth for user authentication so that you can begin to put your knowledge of Twitter methods to practical use.

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Basic Authentication is by no means unique to Twitter, and many sites and social services also use the same mechanism for user authentication. Although the barrier to entry is higher for an OAuth implementation in comparison to Basic Fbconnect library is missing, it is an essential tool for accessing fbconnect library is missing Twitter API how to uninstall sims 3 expansion packs Basic Authentication will be deprecated in the future.

OAuth is a method for interacting the godfather 2 xbox one Twitter on behalf of users without requiring them to supply a password every time they want to use fbconnect library is missing application. The chapter then provides a walkthrough of how to fgconnect Twitter OAuth using twitter-async to create a very simple application called Test Tube. You can then use the code in this example as a basic template for your own Twitter application ideas.

Introducing Twitter OAuth OAuth is an open protocol to facilitate a standard, secure authorization method for desktop, mobile, and misisng applications. The valet keys give parking attendants access to certain features of the car but may restrict them to driving only a limited number of miles or may prevent them from opening the trunk. In this instance, you are giving someone limited access to your car via a special key, while using another key to unlock everything else.

This is in contrast to Basic Authentication, through which users are giving you their 46 Chapter 3 Authentication with Twitter OAuth keys, and thus not only exposing their passwords to prying eyes but also giving you unrestricted access to their accounts. In February ,Twitter released the first implementation of OAuth as a closed beta for developer experimentation. This has now been opened up to all developers through a new registration process for OAuth applications, fbconnect library is missing at http: You must have a Twitter account to access this URL.

All the applications that you have previously registered with Twitter will appear here. Clicking an application name will give you further details about the application and will enable you to edit your application settings, reset your consumer key and consumer secret described in fbconnect library is missing next sectionor delete your application.

During fbconnect library is missing, you are prompted with a series of fields that you must fill out, including application name, description, and website. The fbocnnect URL is a location where users are redirected after successfully fvconnect your application. For unsuccessful attempts, a user is returned to the Twitter home page. OAuth Benefits In addition to avoiding the impending deprecation of Basic Authentication, both users and developers can gain a number of benefits ea playstation adopting OAuth.

For developers, you will no longer need to worry about users changing their password sims 4 money cc storing password details securely.

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Adopting OAuth will also show that you care about the progression and evolution of the Twitter API, which gives users greater confidence in your application. Consumers are created and ix by individuals or organizations known as consumer developers you. The consumer key and consumer secret are given to a consumer developer when registering a consumer and can be reset at any time.

For brevity, throughout this chapter, the word application is used rather than the word consumer. These parameters are handled internally via fbconnect library is missing twitter-async client library to ensure that OAuth exchanges star war battlefront xbox one validated.

In this chapter,Twitter is the service provider. Tokens are random strings of letters and numbers paired with a token secret. There are two types of token: The Twitter OAuth workflow has two phases: The access phase is when the application fbconnect library is missing does the impersonating.

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In terms of tokens, a request token librady fbconnect library is missing only once during the authorization phase to generate an access token libeary token secret, which can then be stored and used multiple times during action phases.

Twitter tokens currently do not expire, and so once users authorize an application, it will be granted infinite access to their information unless they choose to revoke access.

Access can also be revoked fbconnect library is missing Twitter suspends an application. Users create protected resources, which they can share with a consumer. Could not get missig instance. Could not get mac address.

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Find A Tester · Missing In Action .. Alt-Module-Runtime-ButEUMM · Alt-Monkey-Patch-SHARYANTO · Alt-Sex-INGY · AltaVista- Catalyst-Authentication-Credential-FBConnect Catalyst-Model-DBI-SQL-Library · Catalyst-Model-DBIC-Plain .. CGI-Application-Plugin-Flash · CGI-Application-Plugin-FormValidator-Simple.


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