You will need one of these that will accept an operating voltage of 5 volts. E-manage is not in Here is a picture of my end result: Contact Us – NewCelica. Free Emanage Software click here for free emanage software, serial is any numbe ryou want, talk about bit encryption!

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There is a method called a loopback test.

Time to check the wiring. If this has helped you let me know! Bought new, spliced in and it didn’t work for my application and pulled it out. When I give it power both active green and Interaction orange lights turn on, Non-blinking.

DIY Greddy Emanage Blue Cable from Scratch : MIKE MORAWSKI | Programming & Tech Blog

Patrick November 16, at 8: Fast service with excellent results fro A Greddy boost control lets you make sure that boost functions on high-performance vehicles do not cause undue strain on other parts of the car’s system. Then I shorted something out, then finally decided on adding step 7, and lots of insulating tape Good luck.

I believe the most common settings are bits per second, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, and no flow control for best results. It keeps asking for a password, why? Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


However you will receive the Ultimate harness. Still With all of this it does not connect.

Greddy E-manage

Second emanage blue connector will not be needed or included. Use winrar provided on same group to extract v1. Move emnage files over top of where you installed the management tool 1. Results 1 to 4 of 4. How can I make it work? Also shop in Also shop in.

DIY Greddy Emanage Blue Cable from Scratch

Since the Emanage software is actually free!! Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

An easy way to supply voltage is to get two wires with stripped ends, rig three AA batteries together in series and use electrical tape to get a wire at each end on the contact. Once connected its all up to you.

Browse Related Browse Related. Hopefully this will be useful as a bit of a reference.

The program may ask for a main unit update, in which blye allow it to do so. Win 7 and 10 both do automatic updates installing the latest drivers which are not compatible with popular serial to usb adapters using replica Prolific chipsets.


Its time to do a Converter side loopback test. These are rather common and can be found locally if you have udb good electronics shop, otherwise eBay works great. It comes with the box, emanage blue, main harness, manual, and hardware. Be sure to use a multimeter to check that you really have vcc, or gnd, etc before soldering into the board. Credit goes to everyone else that helped put little pieces together for me, Jake in particular.

If so, where can we purchase that from? Simply overwrite the map to get past this. Make sure your using the right COM port or just try each one. I don’t think anyone on this forum uses the Greddy Emanage anymore.