Tuner Audio In Input: Unreasonably low latency timer, setting to 64 was 32 [ This will pass the option to the module when it gets loaded. No dock devices found. Suchlauf gestartet und siehe da er findet Sender. Tuner -1 found with type s Radio TV.

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Does it allow people on our in-the-house network to stream recorded content?

TV / Video Capture

Needed bufs for encoder MPEG stream, received buffers free 0, dma 0, full New Zealand Australia Global. I had issue’s with the lcd server package causing problems when trying to do an upgrade. PCI halauge to [bus 04] [ wunxp. I have been here twice and I will come back in the future when I update a new computer. PCI bridge to [bus 03] [ 0.

So far as I know, which kernel you’re running shouldn’t be a problem, since you’re dealing with a revision of a sub-minor release e. I have a new issue now though.

It doesn’t let me save the file there, it says it could not be saved because you cannot change the contents of the folder. Thanks once again trubblemaker for pointing me in the right direction. I hooked the coax from the wall into the cable box, and then went from the cable box to the machine but get only a black screen.


Do you have this package installed I was shocked and Ben calmly explained what could happen and how dangerous my phone was. Hi, I have been working on this for a few days now, and continually run into the problem of only being able to see static from either MythTv or with mplayer.

I’ve also noticed that others in the forum have been using this repo too. Inadvertently, some of the files I copied were videos originally shot by my digital camera. No memory on buffer alloc!

It’s not every day you walk in to a shop. Could I have a hardware conflict? If you can’t or [ 9. I promise to write one if wimxp ever does work out. I’d like to add the M so I can record 2 programs simultaneously. I’m running into a problem. Usage This is a command line only application. I haven’t been able to find out much about it searching on either these forums or the web. AUDIO driver version 0.


According to the forum, I wrote this 1 week ago. Now if you want to use this setting for your recording you can do say by adding the following parameter: Seems longer than that to me, but I’m flaky, so I’m likely wrong.

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I used the step by step guide to install mythtv on Ubuntu 6. Cannot allocate resource for EISA slot 2 [ 1.

Aber ich denke dort passt es genauer rein. Both half and full height brackets included. Try altering those permissions, it helped for me.