In low contrast situations where images are made of similar colors, the iZ3D solution is superior in effect Call of Duty and FarCry 2 are good examples. Polarized light all moves in waves rolling in the same orientation. But the bottom line is that we just can’t recommend this product. The iz3D monitor is also hz, and takes hz time sequenial input. The iZ3D 3D monitor solution includes:

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Log in Don’t have an account? The last issue we’d like to mention is the fact that the monitor is hugely reflective. At ImmersedHilary….

Medal of Honor crashes in DX The shutter glasses block one view or the other. Two new “Stereo Mirror” output modes. But if you want to use nvidia’s 3D driver rather than iz3D’s 3D driveryou’ll need to get a set of active shutter glasses. Most games written in the last six years are already designed for 3D, but dtereo now lacked, a way of displaying them properly.

Stereo 3D on ATI non Iz3D

We have been forging new ground for stereoscopic 3D displays and drivers for the wide variety of gamers, movie buffs and graphic artists that appreciate the 3D experience. Most recently, iZ3D has introduced a stereoscopic viewing system that makes use of an actively polarized monitor and passive glasses in order to bring simple and easy to use stereoscopic viewing to the masses without the color distortion associated with anaglyph. The first is a standard release that features several bug fixes, a cooler looking interface, and a new compatibility mode for certain anti-cheat engines.


This happens on the sub-pixel level for each of red, green and blue. Thanks scheherazade but my question was rather about ATI ever selling shutter glasses similar to Nvidia or a 3rd Party company that will make ATI compatible shutter glasses that just like Nvidia will work on any Hz LCD Monitor because I am pretty sure I won’t spend a cent on iz3D and I doubt I’ll have the money for a GTX especially because I would have to sell my and do some paper work so I can sepparate my guarantee from the rest of the pieces cause they’re on the same paper.

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Before we get into that, let’s talk about what iZ3D is actually doing to achieve their stereo effect. Other 3D manufacturers have used iZ3D drivers for 3D products, since they are appreciably the most current drivers. Latest Files Vireio Perception 4.

Just couldn’t wait for the slow moving ATI guys. But you may get 24hz double wide input with hz output frame 1: The TV controls your active shutter glasses, flashing them at iz3x.

iZ3D debuts polarized 3D glasses, announces DirectX 10 driver

atereo With iZ3D, polarization is used to selectively adapt the brightness of each color for each pixel in order to build a close approximation of what the left eye should see through its degree lens and what the right eye should see in its 45 degree lens.

Then, with the push of a button, users can put on a pair of 3D-glasses and immerse themselves into a favorite off-the-shelf game in stunning 3D. The glasses are currently in beta testing for release with the upcoming iZ3D Version 2. This puts all the technology into the driver and the monitor and leaves the glasses free of anything like batteries or receivers.


To me it still works but it just works with the colors a tad darker then normal.

iZ3D – Wikipedia

Imagine having a single object and instead of seeing two different images one with each eye you saw four different images both the left and right view in both eyes. This polarization 3e allows for easier user adjustments to the 3D environment to provide better into and out of stereoscopic 3D screen effects and ultimately provides the enjoyment of longer game play.

Civilization V, Tom Clancy’s H.

However, don’t expect the holy grail just yet! Hot Pursuit — fixed problem where shadow from objects were covering huge areas. PaulMar 6, PaulIa3d 4, Well, not exactly – but no matter.

iZ3D debuts polarized 3D glasses, announces DirectX 10 driver

GenClaymoreMay 13, Battlefield Bad Company 2 sometimes starts with a white screen. With iZ3D, the images are not different frame to frame if the camera is static, while NVIDIA’s solution will swap back and forth between perspectives constantly. What makes steero revision unique is it has been released in two flavours.