I believe Apple will solve this problem. Our teams are currently investigating several potential workarounds that could enable some level of extended desktop functionality to be restored in Stay tuned for the next OS upgrade. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I don’t know how many people are affected by this issue, but I would suspect it is a relatively small amount compared to the Bluetooth issue based on the number of people on this thread. Apple kept telling me that I need to contact the manufacturer. That’s when I originally called Apple support.

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May 31, Ever since they had the update to MacOS I originally went gang-busters to get the update installed on my MacBook Air.

lensington All replies Drop Down menu. This is the last straw for me. I must have spent over 3 hours with them on the phone.

Windows alerts you to possible hardware conflicts on update so why not Mac?

DisplayLink macOS Software

I also don’t feel like a 3rd party product should hold up the release and improvement of software releases. A new OS is out and this issue still isn’t fixed.


We thank you for your patience as we work this problem. It’s hard to be an advocate for their products when they treat customers like this. May 7, Let’s see how much money that could be in lost productivity for all of the users affected. DisplayLink doesn’t own kensintton problem. Apr 13, 7: Ask a question Reset.

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Got the following there was more to the reply, but this is the main content: My entire team is stuck using a single monitor. Mac OS should know your hardware and software configuration and alert you that a device attached to your system may conflict with the update diaplaylink it’s installed. I forgot to tell you that this affects my external monitors and is related to a Kensington docking station. Jun 14, 1: I’m never installing another Apple update again for at least 3 months after it is released.

Surely, they knew kensinngton the update would break all USB external monitor displays.


Apr 16, 7: I bought a new portable monitor. It’s been over 2 months I wonder why the Beta testing did not catch this Well, actually DisplayLink says that they are working on it.

Apple Mac DisplayLink Driver Installation and Removal Instructions – Plugable

CyberEnt raised two good ideas: In parallel, we are continuing to explore kendington Apple routes to a permanent and complete solution. None of them seem to want to do anything about the problem.

Unfortunately, at this displalink, we are unable to give a dates for either a work-around or a complete solution. That’s an absolutely outrageous response from Apple. User profile for user: I believe Apple will solve this problem.

Apple will tell you that it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to find a fix.