To write a message [Menu ] 1. Tips for call options A call can be connected to any single caller by pressing Options. Allows you to send a group you have grouped in the phone. Short-circuiting the terminals may damage the battery or the connecting object. Two hours of talk time is a little less for the chatterboxes.

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Data account Connectivity [Menu 0] 1. Allows you to mmodem objects in your phone! Select On and your phone will make a maximum of ten attempts to connect the call after an unsuccessful call attempt.

However, you need to check if your SIM supports this function or not. Choose an item, press OK.

Received calls [Menu ] Your phone allows you to view the last 40 received calls. To use your mobile phone as modem Your phone can be used as modem for dialing up moedm. But actually it is only 2X in the still camera mode and 4X for the video camera.


You will have to power on the Bluetooth connectivity of your phone and the device you wish to moddem first. Allows you to save and send a text message. You might change instrument through volume keys.

After finishing the writing, select Done following by pressing Options. Move and try again. Connectivity 60 To start using Bluetooth technology You will need to set up the Bluetooth connectivity with the device when first time using.

Phone locked You are in roaming. Camera mode You can jump to camera mode by pressing OK. When you press Options during active call, you would have following functions as listed in below: GSM data Press Edit to change the data account settings, including: Allows you to reply the message sent by the one you chat with.

Note To use this function, you may need to enter the voice server number obtained from your service provider. You can set slide timing by own preference. To send data using Bluetooth connectivity 1. Choose a message, press OK mofem view.

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Allows you to record your favor program. Ring and key tone volume is set to be loud.


Note Multimedia This feature allows you to listen to your favourite radio station anytime. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

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However, the maximum size of sending picture via MMS will be determined by your service provider. The received WAP push message will be stored in the service inbox. Allows you to attach a file in your message.

Data cable You can connect your phone to PC to exchange the data between them. Standard profile as phone defaults setting.

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Note Recording, you may pause or stop the voice recording anytime by pressing soft keys. Connect the charger to an AC wall outlet. Your phone provides 7 different profiles, including: