This command will take care of sourcing the correct environment for the target device. The driver is rtc-m41t The documents related to the software issues help the user to quickly start configuring the bootloader and the operating system, by hiding most of the complexity of the underlying hardware. The procedure is described here. A Gossamer Threads company. Customers are strongly recommended to register their kits. The driver in question is a rtc driver that is connected to the i2c bus of my platform.

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Edited 1 time s. I have not yet done any renaming, nor have I modified any of the defconfigs to account for a name change. The chip is linyx similar to the M41T8x family, which already has driver rtc-m41t There you can find a sub directory for each version of this development kit. U-Boot bootloader supports this configuration. Please follow the procedure described here to install the MVM. It is also worth remembering that access to git repositories is required to download target source code.

Listen j41t83 this question in spoken form.

The procedure is described here. Mailing List Archive GT. Registration grants access to reserved material such as source code and additional documentation. Make a driver part of the DTS Posted by manszi.


SDV04 Embedded Linux Kit (SDVX)

To change the rtc chip we only have to change the compatible entry. Please refer linus Release notes for further information. Customers are strongly recommended to register their kits. After that, one can follow this guide to compile and debug the Qt application example.

The following paragraphs will guide you through the setup and installation procedures. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Help information BBcode help Smileys help.

Make a driver part of the DTS

This chapter describes how to start working with the SDVX kit quickly. Frequently it just boils down to doing it right which may not necessarily be easy. Here is the patch I am currently using on some prototype hardwarefor reference. Here is a respin which addresses your comments.

The way I have made this I would have two DTS files one for platform A and one for platform B but I would also be forced to compile two different kernels since I would have to change the driver rtc-m41t Lets say that I have two platforms platform A with the rtc m41t62 and platform B with the rtc m41t Make a driver part of the DTS February 04, I’ve introduced two new feature bits to cover the above differences. This is for blocking bots that try to post this form automatically.


This partition needs to be:. The driver in question is a rtc driver lknux is connected to the i2c bus of my platform. Redundant U-Boot environment is stored in the flash as well, as depicted in the following image. I think that I am missing something because by specifying the compatible string as “st, m41t62”, which is one of the devices that the driver rtc-m41t During the development stage, the target is usually connected via Ethernet LAN to the host machine linud is configured to:.

Thus it is strongly recommended to create new local branches if you need to modify source code. On Mon, Aug 25, at 6: