Homo Homini Lupus Est. So my questions are these this: That pnumatic is cool and all, but its not a 1 shot like the volt driver. I am only rarely using the pneumatic guns, so I can’t tell you much. It can fire a total of 17 ball bearings from full charge including super charge before a recharge is necessary.

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All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I do collect the ammo to them, however, but I seem to have a hard time collecting it. Showing 1 metto 5 of 5 comments. I think the stealth mechanics are a bit broken in this game as I have been in the dark and taken a guard out with a silenced pistol and somehow still raise the alarm.

Volt driver, pnumatic rifle, or shotgun? :: Metro General Discussions

I do like me some stealth, but every time I fired my slient revolver in past lets plays I was picked up instantly. I finished the game using only the pneumatic rifle and throwing knifes of metr for both combat and stealth.

Weapons of Metro One shot kills all over the place.

Jun 3, 9: This gun is also highly suggested in Ranger Easy and Ranger Hardcore difficulties as the ohw increase makes body shots an instant kill on everything except librarians. This gun can effectively be used in any situation except situations that require stealth or where there are many weak enemies like amoebas.


I wound up carrying a silenced pistol for the stealth, and an ak for the fights where the volt drivers charge didn’t cut it. And how hard is the ammo to come across? However, you mdtro to be good moving Artyom around while you pressurize it again: Yes I know some enemies have night vision googles, but not too many.

Charging up Volt Driver – Metro Message Board for PC – GameFAQs

Mrtro the Redux version, the Hellbreath is included as an obtainable but rare weapon. Homo Homini Lupus Est. Its firepower does decrease after each shot, so recharge the battery after each fight or if you are in a stealth situation and you have time, charge after killing an enemy. Start a New Discussion. This current sets up a net magnetic field oriented “up”, relative to the mstro. Last edited by Ravs ; Jun 4, 7: Like the Tihar, the Hellbreath will make sound while fully charged but it will be sparks instead of air leaking out.

Hellbreath (Volt Driver)

Its laser sight and easily visible magazine capacity negates the HUD removal disadvantage of hardcore mode. But if you go for the airguns, you can sell the shotgun ammo and instead buy ammo for them. I just started a new game and lost my Volt Driver, that thing is awesome. Retrieved from ” http: That pnumatic is cool and all, but its not a chargee shot like the volt driver.

Contents [ show ]. It was my mistake by starting a new game instead of, going back over the maps. Lost Tunnels — appears in the area with the bandits first encountered by Artyom and Bourbon near the campfire at the centre of the room Removed in Redux Armory — appears on the bed with the Heavy Automatic Shotgunshortly after Andrew rescues Artyom Removed in Redux and instead this is up for purchase ro the same station Sparta Base — appears on a the pile of boxes to the left of the weapon rack Both in Original and Redux.


Lets face it, a gun can be amazing, but if you run out of ammo its pretty useless. The Hellbreath is considered the electrical counterpart to the Tihar.

Now, I got to gp metto through it to get it.

Pneumatic rifles with maximum pressure can kill almost all votl with a single shot maybe two for demons. Simple enough, I’m trying to decide to take the first volt driver you come across, to pick up that first pnumatic rifle, or to stick with my double barrel. Does a vold driver do more damage via body shots then the pnumatic gun and the double barrel?