The FM30 and likely the older models, as well does not support Vorbis metadata tags. Reading Ogg tags not supported requires browsing music in ‘files’ mode rather than in ‘tags’ mode. Quality settings q-1 and q-2 from the aoTuV ogg encoder are not supported. They offer voice and FM radio recording whilst maintaining a lightweight portable size. Newer players offer video and photo support X7, Z5, F5.

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With the updated 4.


This is referring to the Tremor decoder used. A sales representative telephoned on again stated that the player would be available sometime in June. MP still doesn’t play old Ogg Vorbis files, but they don’t make it freeze up. The included Samsung Media Studio also writes the correct track metadata for album, artist, title, etc.

Mpman MP-FUB34 Manuals

But it plays FLAC encoded files. In each description, please say if the device works “out of the box” or you have to install any software to use it properly if the extra-software is optional, then it doesn’t matter. The player itself only reads these vorbis comments, however, after upgrading to firmware v1. Signeo also makes a hard drive player that supports vorbis.


I infer from a review that the MX is the same as a Npman SU70, but I haven’t found any information about that rio gadget, though. I’ve ,pman two different MP4 nano lookalikes from different manufacturers and different eBay sellers, and both will play Ogg Vorbis fine, even though none of the documentation or product advertisements say this. Note — mpmsn older players, only certain bitrates are supported, various problems are reported including reboots, silence and random noise when a VBR Vorbis passes outside mmpman limit either under 96Kbps or over Kbps.

It is larger and weighs two ounces. The Max-Diablo supports the same audio formats, but can also display pictures and videos on its small OLED colors. The size of the device is comparable to a smart phone 3. Both models have an extra miniSD memory card storage slot. With a stylus not included it is like 2 times better usable but still very non-deterministic.

Read the specifications on the box carefully; if it says it depends on Windows Media Player, then it’s probably an MTP device which may need Windows drivers or other MTP support software. Ogg Vorbis files encoded using pre The other players have storage options up to 1GB. Ogg files can not be shuffled. Flash players with MB and 1GB capacity.

MPMan MP-FUB34 Manuals

What a nice surprise! When used as USB mass storage device, music files are fub3 in an internal library that is kept automatically in sync artist, album, etc. Content is available under CC BY 3. Reading Ogg tags not supported requires browsing music in ‘files’ mode rather than in ‘tags’ mode.


Supports Vorbis quality levels up to Q Battery charges through Fub4 cable. Thus, there is no way to order the files. As of could not find product online.

Diplotop – MP3 Player – Jenama bermula dengan M

Since many tens of millions of these units have been sold worldwide, there is a potentially huge, undocumented, base of portable media players which can play the Ogg Vorbis format. The iBeat organix 2.

Looks like another whitebox label. Pausing is possible, seeking not. Although not mentioned anywhere on the homepage or inside the documentation of this device, it is capable of playing also Ogg Vorbis npman out of the box.