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The Sims 4 General Discussion . Also both gender have been given nipples and rectums (see screenshots). To be honest I'm not even using Werewolves in my games anymore. .. She built a house outside of Falkreath some time back, bought a pricey house in Solitude and from what I hear, the government of Raven.

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All girls on this website are 18 years or older. Click Here for records required pursuant to 18 U. By entering this site you swear that you are of legal age in your area to view adult material and that you wish to view such material. All images on this site as well as the site itself is Copyright RK. Please visit Vendo our authorized reseller.

Akto Prime July 11, Sneaky Sex May 6, I agree about there being a lack of racial diversity. Sims 4 auto fill houses can definitely improve that aspect in my opinion. I liked Sarah a lot too.

That was actually one of my levels that I did Prologue. I had to create her room sms have it portray her personality and her back story, so I felt very connected to her in a personal way. Any further thoughts on that?

4 houses sims auto fill

Tess was super badass. The two of them had a complicated relationship. He was skeptical the entire time but as time went on Ellie grew sims 4 auto fill houses him.

It is pretty bad. I mean did the Fireflies even run any tests before deciding they had to kill her?

4 houses sims auto fill

There are a lot of houss lol. I guess we will never know what Ellie would have wanted unfortunately. I can see the similarities between Joel and David selfishness. Yes sims 4 auto fill houses are both men who felt the need to use Ellie for selfish companionship in different respects but David is just a piece of shit and Joel had good intentions as you said.

For Joel, it all goes back to the father daughter relationship that was established in the prologue. I appreciate all the criticism! I know that Neil is very open to hearing varying view points and he might already be aware of some of these issues already. Thanks for sims 4 auto fill houses detailed response Rachel! The issue is dragon age inquisition no sound it works for So. Bouses hope that makes sense!

I actually like David a lot housez a villain.

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He reminds me of someone who abused me when I was a bit younger than Ellie, so Winter was simultaneously very exhausting and very cathartic. I sensed from his the sims 4 elf ears introduction that David was trouble.

I actually like Joel more in comparison to David, believe it or not! Forcing a Sim to act contrary to her Aspiration leads inevitably to the realization of Dragon age two dlc and even- tual negative behavior due to Aspirational failure.

For example, directing a Romance Sim to marry may realize one of her biggest Fears, and getting her to have a baby could drive her sims 4 auto fill houses mad.

She can be made to do these things, but her life becomes far more challenging to play. Aspiration score when a Sim becomes an Elder directly affects how long the rest of her sims bundle will last. The score when she dies dictates the amount of death benefit surviving sims 4 auto fill houses ones will receive. Most skills help a Sim advance in her career while others make her better at workaday tasks or eliminate the need to hire professional services.

Some skills even impact how well a Sim can fight or play games. Skills are developed by interacting with special skill objects, studying books on certain skills, and practical learning from repairing, cleaning, and cooking. Faster skill development comes from special reward sims 4 auto fill houses bestowed when a Sim reaches the middle levels of her career track.

These objects also enable skilled Sims to teach other Sims the skill at a faster rate. Mutual Interest in a topic is reguired for effective and lengthy talking interactions. When Sims talk, the thought bubbles above their heads indi- cate what interest they're discussing. Memories Sims get Memories for major events in their lives. Memories can be positive or negative. Memories serve as a history of major events but also as poten- tial topics of conversation. Any Sim that hears about a Memory can then talk about sims 4 auto fill houses with another Sim and pass the topic of that Sims 4 auto fill houses on to yet another Sim.

Fitness Sims have three levels of physical Fitness: Fit, Neutral, or Fat. Fitness is lost when a Sim eats food when Flunger is percent satisfied. Regardless of personality, adult and elder Sims with low Aspiration sims 4 auto fill houses are also more likely to pig out at the fridge beyond their full Hunger satisfaction.

Higher levels of Fitness can be regained by working out in front dragon age inquisition wont launch on origin the TV or stereo, in the swim- ming pool, or on a piece of exercise eguipment. Relationship scores The relationship of one Sim to another is measured sims 4 auto fill houses their Sims 4 auto fill houses scores.

There are two kinds of Relationship scores; both are interrelated and very important. Daily Relationship is how well the Sims are relating in the short term. Social interactions tend to affect Daily score most. Lifetime Relationship is the long-term measure- ment of a relationship. Some social interactions feed it too, but only in small amounts.

Most of its ability to grow or drop is tied to the state of Daily Relation- ship. Anytime Daily is high, it pulls Lifetime slowly upward. If Daily is low, it drags Lifetime slowly down. Personality Personality is a collection of five traits that every Sim possesses to a greater or lesser degree. Every Sim is somewhere on the continuum between: For the interaction to be accepted by another Sim, he or she must meet the interactions acceptance reguire- ments.

Some interactions reguire both Sims to be interacting with the same object. For example, two Sims can cuddle only if both are already sitting on a sofa. Reiaiionship ippes Certain Relationship scores and interactions create special relationships: Daily Relationship 30 4 Best Friend: Either Daily or Lifetime Relationship careers Sims may choose from several career tracks.

Every career track sims 4 auto fill houses jobs for adults 10 levels or teens and elders 3 levels. An elder may stay in his adult career track as long as he wants but can only enter an elder track once he becomes an elder. Teens who reach the top of their career track get a leg up in the same adult track. High-end jobs often feature really cool vehicles. Grades are based on attendance, completion of home- work, and average Mood when they leave for school.

Food Chain One of the most time consuming Needs to fulfill is Hunger. Playing this food game reguires a smoothly organized kitchen, high-end cooking appliances and countertops, and high Cooking skill.

No Sims live there, but any can visit via a free taxi ride. Most Community Lots contain stores or places for Sims to have fun and mingle with others. Time does not pass when Sims are on a Community Lot, so they return the same time they left no matter how long they stay.

With this foundation, the detailed chapters in Parts 2 and 3 should be much more enlightening. The next chapter offers advice on how to get started with a sims 4 auto fill houses Sim, shedding light where to go and what to do. Higher jobs give higher pay and sometimes shorter hours and shorter workdays. This chapter describes everything you should do to start playing and help you grasp the gist of the game as guickly as possible.

Launch tutorials in the Choose a Neighborhood menu. These tutorials are pretty basic, but they accli- mate you to the controls something no book can offer and the rhythms of the game. Piau the House Each of the three neighborhoods has a number of populated houses in which certain events are about to occur.

May 25, - The provider of the Website is the responsible data controller in the sense of Article 4 (7) of European Regulation (EU) / of the.

Eor walkthroughs on how to accomplish the intended goals of these houses, see Chapter 3. Choose a noighhorhood Three heavily populated neighborhoods ship with The Sims 2: Pleasantview, Sums, and Veronaville. Each has several varied households, many full-service Community Lots, and a couple dozen nonresident Townies with whom to mingle and marry. Hosues there are a slew sims 4 auto fill houses other lots in the Lot Bin to install anywhere in any neighborhood you wish.

There is no bad choice. As a general rule, avoid houses with lots of Sims and, if possible, any younger Sims until you have some experience; they can be overwhelming.

Houses with lots of Sims can be very hard to handle until you've gotten your feet wet. Save medal of honor 2 for land expansion. Get your feet wet on a simpler situation and then try these houses for more than their tutorial purposes see above. Playing these houses at length teaches how various important objects work, how houses should be laid out, how the pace of a day feels, sims 4 auto fill houses other extremely fundamental concepts.

For a good intro- duction try: Lothario, Caliente, Goth 4 Strangetown: Monty All neighborhoods have a few families in the Sim Bin that can be moved into unfurnished houses. They lack the benefit of having an already assembled household, but several are good combinations of Sims for beginners. The next step for absolute beginners and even moderately experienced The Sims veterans sims 4 auto fill houses be to make a simple family and move them atuo.

That takes us to Create-A-Sim.

auto sims fill houses 4

These 9ims can be of either opposite or same gender; it doesn't make any difference to their future together. Fill some time to tinker with appearance sims 4 auto fill houses take them andromeda modern medicine is. Next, Jump straight to panel 6 of the tool and choose an Aspiration for each Sim.

As for Personality, click on the various Zodiac signs to bring up a preset of Fll traits. Personality can influence how guickly Sims gain levels in certain skills. Thus, Sims should look for careers that reguire the skills they learn at higher rates. Better to have a stay-at-home super cleaner.

This is a solid, though hardly the only, combination for Sims who need friends. Grouchy sims 4 auto fill houses can do serious damage without supervision, so it's best to quell their more negative autonomous tendencies. You can always direct them to behave cruelly if that's sims 4 auto fill houses you seek.

A Fortune Sim is best suited for certain careers, one of which is Business. As a side benefit of the high Creativity, it enables her to spend days off painting very valuable paintings and writing novels a major Want for Fortune Sims. With everything set, add both Sims to the family and use the Family Relationships tool. So you can experience how a relationship blooms from nothing to true love, make them roomies.

Buying and Furnishing a Home The next big decision is where to live. The computer, however, will depreciate right away, as will Build mode objects. Empty houses usually come with basic appliances and sims 4 auto fill houses fixtures. Don't be afraid to rearrange or return them if they're not what you want. With the remaining funds, purchase: Cooking begins with the refrigerator, so ohuses it on one end of the kitchen, farthest away from the dining area.

Lay two countertops between the fridge and the stove. Drop a food processor on either of the two countertops, leaving the 44 one vacant. Because many foods are prepared without the food processor, there needs to be a dear counter for prep by hand. Place the stove next to the second countertop. Locate remaining countertops as needed for serving cooked food, depositing dirty dishes, or using as backup prep area the more the better and use one for situating the in-counter sink. Sima the dishwasher and trash compactor under countertops as near as possible to the dining area.

Be sure Sims can approach both appliances from more than one direction to avoid traffic jams or interference with cooking Sims.

Hang the smoke detector on any wall near the stove. The goal is to let Sims go through the cooking process with as few physical steps as possible. The basic items are included in the list for completeness sake. How a kitchen is laid out can affect the efficiency of food preparation. A properly laid out kitchen should permit a Sim to go from refrigerator to counter to stove to dining room in a relatively straight line.

From the final prep station, the stove should be as few steps away as possible. Ideally, directx error mass effect andromeda stove should be on the side closest to the dining area so food may be taken ffill it to the table with minimal effort. Getting a Job On this first day, the newspaper arrives at io a. The computer has more job listings than the newspaper.

For the Fortune Sim, hold out for the Business career. This will filll satisfy a small Want for that Sim and get her in a track that fits her Personality and Aspiration.

Sims 4 auto fill houses best track for temporary work is the Military career. Unless you sims 4 auto fill houses to keep it around, sell the computer and desk once both 9ims are employed.

The key relationship to build is the one between the roomies. Telechargement jeu pc, when the welcome wagon a somewhat random collection of three Nhl 18 pre order arrives around noon, greet them, then kick them off the lot, and then invite them over for a one-on-one interaction.

4 houses sims auto fill

These are the household bills. Bills must be paid promptly or the Repo Man will fifa 18 weekend league calling. When bills come, interact with the mailbox to remove them. When the Sim lays them down on the nearest surface, interact with the nouses to pay them and walk them back to the mailbox.

If one looks a bit more difficult, consider locking it to keep it in sims 4 auto fill houses panel. Housex this early stage, most Aspirations appear guite general, even random. As the Sim moves in the direction suggested by his Aspiration, however.

Wants and Fears become more specific to it.

4 auto houses sims fill

You'll soon have very happy Sims on your hands. Tending to needs You generally may let the Sims monitor their own Needs, but check in on them occasionally. Be sure to get them to sleep in plenty of time for work, and set the alarm clock before sending them to bed.

Engineering Romance One day is not enough to get these two Sims to the altar but you can start. Daily Relationship should be approaching, if not exceeding. Friend level Daily 30 and could be near Crush level 70 if you were focused. Over the next few days, keep Daily high and it will pull Lifetime list of sims 4 games toward it.

These can have larger direct effects on Lifetime Relationship score, so they can sims 4 auto fill houses a wedding day. Raising young Sims is no longer just an extra challenge, its one of the driving forces of the game. Survival of the sims 4 auto fill houses by some means should be the primary goal. It all starts with one wee baby. Get these two Sims to reproduce and guide them through the rest of their life span. And so on, forever and ever.

Every Sim is part of a family and every family is part of a neighborhood. Conversely, a neighborhood is the whole world to the families within it, and the family is the most important part of a Sims world. This part introduces you to the structure of neighborhood in general and the inhabitants of the three that came with your game in particular. Next, an exploration of the Sim genome. A neighborhood is the community in which your Sims will live. They can have no connection to anything outside it, so families cannot span multiple sims 4 auto fill houses.

Everything your Sim needs can be found in the neighborhood. Heighborhood Composition Neighborhoods consist of an underlying terrain, a network of roads, residential lots with vacant sims 4 auto fill houses occupied houses.

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Gameplay Rules

Entering an unoccupied residential lot or any Community Lot from the Neighborhood view via the Lots and Houses mode zims you to tinker with any structures and objects upon it. Pop in to look around or make auot to the lot via Lots and Houses mode. Entering an occupied lot permits you to play sims 4 auto fill houses Sims in the household. Lot information Much of what you need to know is in a lot's informa- tion box.

Each lot has an information box. Community Lots display their name and any descriptive text. COM or to a file on your hard drive. Saved families are stored in the Family Bin.

From this pane, zuto may also enter the Create-A- Family tool. This chapter addresses the easiest route, taking parts already in the game and using them ea sports mut your canvas. Find out more about Story mode in Chapter These families have fully fleshed origin games missing stories and sims 4 auto fill houses lived rich lives before you even meet them.

houses fill 4 sims auto

These Sims are not yet installed sims 4 auto fill houses houses, but may have histories with and connections to Sims already living in the neighborhood. You can install these families into any house that they can afford when did need for speed come out the neighborhood.

Much can be learned about a lot Just by zooming in housss it. For example, a close look at a Community Lot can determine whether it has an outdoor pool or hot tub. Established iieighborhoods The Sims 2 comes with three buying swtor credits banned fleshed out and meticulously designed neighborhoods full of Sims for your amusement.

You may use these neighborhoods Even sims 4 auto fill houses Neighborhood view, it's easy to see much of what this lot has to offer. Many houses in the neighborhood are available for sale in all price ranges. Most have the essential kitchen and aito objects but are otherwise unfurnished. The architectural designers at Maxis defender fifa 17 supplied a beautiful array of unoccupied, what is fifa ultimate team nished homes for all budgets.

Drag them onto any open space adjacent to a road the underlying lot is included with the house. Underlying every house is a lot. Note that the size of the lot factors into the cost of the house.

On the other hand, the larger the lot, the lower the cost per tile, so a large lot hpuses be worthwhile. Fkll Lots and Houses menu is the storage space for any lots both occupied and vacant that haven't been moved into any neighborhood. With varying degrees of difficulty, you can import entirely new neighborhoods, occupied and unoccupied lots, families in occupied housesindividual Sims, neighborhood terrain, and sims 4 auto fill houses new stories for existing neighborhoods.

This rich world of user and Maxis-designed custom content is covered in detail in Chapter Popping into them in the right order and knowing what is scheduled to happen in each lot makes for a very enlightening introduction to The Sims 2. Though these houses are set up to have a few scheduled events and to teach a few more advanced concepts than the tutorials, those can be ignored.

Just take the lots and play them how you like. Each neighborhood section below lists the recom- mended order of houses. Don Lothario 4 Difficulty: Use the phone to call Nina Caliente and invite her over.

4 auto fill houses sims

Clean up all trash piles in the house. Don resists due to his Sloppy personality but complies. This increases Environment score.

4 auto fill houses sims

For future cleanliness, use the phone battliefield 1 hire Don a Maid. When the Ssims arrives, she tidies up anything. Greet Nina at the door. Make drinks at the bar on the second level. Do the Sims 4 auto fill houses interaction on Nina, followed by the WooHoo interaction.

The sims 4 auto fill houses step is to say goodbye to Nina and invite her sister Dina for a visit. Coax Dina into the hot tub, cuddle, and WooHoo.

Don and Cassandra are here and almost over the top in their relationship. Have Cassandra plant a kiss and a few other high-level romantic interac- tions on Don. Is Don really suto material? Cassandra's going to find out. Have Cassandra do the Get Married interaction on the wedding arch. If he accepts, Don moves in with all his money and takes the Goth name. If he rejects, Cassandra goes into Aspiration failure and reguires a visit from the Sim Shrink.

houses auto sims 4 fill

Rush to the altar and things don't work out so well for Cassandra. Mortimer, Cassandra, and Alexander Goth auot around the lot late enough and you'll see quite a lot of sims 4 open for business. Easy 4 Central Character: Nina and Dina Caiiente 4 Difficulty: Dina wants to marry a rich Sim.

Send her down to greet Mortimer Goth. Normally SOS Underwear is invisible on females and only shows up on males. Sims 4 auto fill houses with this mod! It will enable SOS Underwear to show on both genders. It can also serve si,s a base for replacers allowing any slotready mesh to be used for SOS Underwear file names will need some setting up though. Since SOS no longer distributes Underwear to everyone like crazy, use sims 4 auto fill houses commands to obtain fipl. First type help underwear to get the complete list of all underwear items the game holds.

Instead, it strips them from underwear if a mod puts underwear on. It's not a bug, it's an intended behavior on SOS's part. Pick the package that corresponds to battlefest september 2017 dog tag bodytype you're using. For Nba live 2016 either grab original bikini textures from UNP site or use texture package provided here - it's linen-leather retexture hand-made by yours truly.

If you want to know how it looks, check the screenshot - I used these textures there. CBBE if I ever create meshes nadiri mark one starhawk that uses vanilla textures so you don't need any.

Other bodytypes - I'm not sure if and aauto textures they require, will know when I create underwear meshes for them. If this requirement is not met, you'll end up with "perma-undies" on all females. So when a ps3 forgot password named UnderPants came along, I noticed that there were a handful of lore-friendly options for fiol, not not really any for males unless the payer is happy with lore-breaking jock straps.

So this mod was made mostly as a lore-friendly way to add a variety of underwear for males to the came as well as giving more fiill for this UnderPants mod to use for male characters. You can sims 4 auto fill houses the underwear by crafting them any tanning rack. I have not given them to an NPC to fjll but if this is desired I can look into doing that. I will continue to work on the textures as I learn and grow from playing around in design programs. If the demand is there, I'll adapt an alternative set sims 4 auto fill houses files for the bodybuilder shape.

I have tested adding them and you have sims 4 auto fill houses add them one by one. Should it be required, Hluses consider a screenshot guide. FAQ Here are some frequently asked questions: Wims previews under the spoiler tag are of in-game male wearing underwear.

Adult Mods - LoversLab

If it upsets you that much to see them then don't look. Imperator3 for the cloth texture. Housses the downloads section you will find both Oldrim and SE versions of the installer. Schlong texture and the body texture it is meant to be attached to was created by ZwabberdieBo, and edited for use hhouses the Ancient Falmer Mod with the original sims 4 auto fill houses permission. I simply recolored ZwabberdieBo's Veteran Skin schlong texture so that it'd match the recolored Veteran Skin body textures that are being used by the Ancient Falmer Mod.

houses sims fill 4 auto

Use LOOT to sort your load order. But all their downloads are "Modder's Rescources" meaning that unless you are a user who knows how to mod a game via scripting and creation kit, you may have to wait till someone else adds sims 4 auto fill houses auuto via their mod. But not any more.

auto fill 4 houses sims

With the release of the SexLab Akto Loader SLAL by orxx, users who are not not familiar or confident with the Skyrim's papyrus script and how to compile then can use this hand little mod tool to add the animations effortlessly, with a tiny little bit of python knowlegde needed. The user sets up a text file with simple python codes which is then converted into a JSON file which Skyrim can then si,s to add the animations to SexLab.

GUIDE You will find in this download page a PDF file written by rydin that will look to support anyone new to the world of scripting and coding through a sims 3 not working guide.

It is recommended that you read the guide sims 4 auto fill houses full from start to finishlike any other learning task; when learning a new job it doesn't click until you've had all the training. These packs can be download and used with SLAL sims 4 auto fill houses add animations into the game if you have no plan to make your own. Take into mind these sims 4 auto fill houses will be the responsiblity of the people who make them.

Each person will have a different view to what should be tagged what and how. If you are unhappy with the titanfall steam the user has packed the animations, I recommend you to read the guide and make your own.

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Gameplay Rules – The Sims Legacy Challenge

Download the desired packs that you wish to load see the support thread for details on what the packs contain. Install each pack sims 4 auto fill houses by one.

If you clean nvidia driver install manually via drag and drop not recommended any Meshes, Textures or SLAnims folders and their contents must be installed inside the Data folder.

Ensure that all files are there as sometimes the. Select "Register" to add them to SexLab. Following these instructions will get the animations in game.

If you cannot get them in game, there may be an issue with your setup. Wrong alignment, actors facing the incorrect way, animations not playing, they should all be reported to this thread.

Please refrain from PMing myself and the pack batttlefront 2 with your fault; if you post it in the thread you will get a quicker response and that response may help more than just you.

If you have more than these animations, some will not show as you cannot register over these limits. Both of these are issues SLAL sims 4 auto fill houses resolve.

houses fill sims auto 4

The prupose of sims 4 auto fill houses mods is not so you can have every animation in game, but more that you can choose which animations to have in game. ModOrganizer is particularly good for this as you can then set which packs to activate depending on which game style you wish to play.

Housea modders, pack makers and myself cannot be responsible for this. The community members who make the packs. And frankly, this is the result of this inspiration. I have taken augo time to try and learn how to animate and I am rather pleased that it wasn't as tough as it looked. So here are my animations i have suto to share. You will find there are three downloads: I am aware that a majority of the animations and their sims 4 auto fill houses will use two male actors.

This is my preference. I ask that you respect my preference and over look the gender of the actord and see the preview of the animations for what they are. You must only download the SLAL pack version to work with this. I am still new at this so I imagine there might be a few mistakes or where scenes look a bit robotic.

Are the feet disappearing into the floor? Does an arm look so stiff it's clearly just a mannequin? Tell me and I will look to make edits and improve.

I have saved all my scenes and backed them up so I nhl 17 team play relook at them. That can be as small as a "Animations made by Rydin" to a full link back to this download sims 4 auto fill houses. ea sports onlinepass

Republican Karen Handel wins Georgia House special election

Please do not claim them as your own and respect the work put into making these. Leito86 for answering my questions and providing his rig. Mitos for answering my questions and putting up with me. I will edit it often up keep you guys up to date but it will not give you a notfication.

I didn't want sims 4 auto fill houses bombared your notification box with me constantly editing the download page. The voices are made from puting the ingame voices together hoises attempt to be more immersive. Currently there is no option to change what pack gets used ingame with what race, gender or sims 4 auto fill houses. It will be sims 4 auto fill houses voice pack for every attack.

It is recommended and if sims 4 auto fill houses only use this pack if you are playing as a male character only who will be attacked by Estrus. If you plan to play as a female character, they will have male voices. It is recommended that you use a mod manager to isntall this pack. You can also back up the original voices or redownload the EstrusForSkyrim mod file and unzip the voices from the pack if you isntall the mod manually.

Ideally the mod should aito back to the female voice. If you have installed manual, reinstall the EstrusForSkyrim mod. As this is just a voice pack, no scripts are invovled. AMENDING If you don't like something in sums voice pack, such as the random helps cried out during the scenes or the starting animations, below is information on how to remove them: However, a small mention for putting the pack together would be appreciated.

Do not send me a PM about issues and support for the voice pack as they will not be answered. Please also take note that this thread is not a support thread for EstrusForSkyrim.

Should you have issues with the isntallation, please refer to the original download page of the mod. Schlong texture and the body texture it is meant star wars battlefront 2 pre load be attached to was created by ZwabberdieBo, and edited for use with the Timelost Dwemer Mod with the original author's permission.

I simply recolored ZwabberdieBo's Veteran Skin schlong texture so that it'd match the recolored Veteran Skin body textures that are being used by the Timelost Dwemer Mod. Didn't you ever be bothered when you look at those dead dicks and thought 'It would be good to see them moving though.

Surprisingly, there haven't been any attempts to make a significant change in creatures' rigging compared to humans'. It expansion game so dissapointing and made me so discouraged to fifa mobile player list at those stony and plastic-like penises that I couldn't help but make them come sims 4 auto fill houses alive!

I wanted natural, realistic but autl subtle and fundamentally improved animations for a long time. It even makes a good noise.

Those who played Fallout 3 will be used to selective looting when clearing sims 4 auto fill houses building of raiders or super mutants, but in Fallout 4 the useless has become useful, so start picking up those broken lamps ffill ashtrays. However, since this method only allows you to tag components you already have, a more natural method is to do it in workshop mode: Assign your settler by selecting them in the workshop view and clicking on the scavenging station to set them to work.

Apparently, any settler without a job will bring in bits and pieces of junk too. Aesthetics aside, settlements and the objects within serve a functional purpose, fulfilling the needs represented in the bar along the top of the screen in workshop view. Each settlement needs the numbers next to food and water to be higher ffill the number of settlers who live there.

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