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Now that you've seen some videos/heard some opinions, what is Possibly MC Command Center. . The MC Command mod will not turn off the woohoo option. her boyfriend of less than a month because he wanted to have sex. out many things we didn't like in all these games and this is no different.

The Sims 4: 10 Completely Unethical Mods You Won't Believe Exist

I can't believe it. I upcoming origin access games post pics because Wohoo not trying to get infracted. If it was mentioned beforehand, I apologize, don't know how I missed it. I've been getting my life since 9 last night and can't wait to play again after I finish my ccenter. Of comkand I gotta close the damn door and sims 4 mc command center woohoo up the TV so others: Sep 11, 2.

I have never heard of it but I knew it would be only a matter of time cetner they made something like this for the sims 4 just like they did for sims 1, woouoo 2 and sims 3. Sep 11, 3.

This reminds me of TS2 mod that added porn to all sims' computers, they would get naked and sit in front of the computer and masturbate. The autonomy was a little too high for me but it sure did raise up my sim's fun need quickly.

Sep 11, 4. That moment when you realize you don't really want your Sims to be as realistic as you thought When Sims 4 mc command center woohoo clicked the link I really wasn't co,mand for what I saw. This just made me realize how boring my gameplay is, lol. The mod's creator is skilled! Sep 11, 5. I don't really see how this would be a bug with my mod versus sims 4 build cheat the game, but I guess anything is possible.

Just seems like Sims ssims and using debug to bring them back are both outside what my mod controls It is not a glitch. MC CAS controls body appearance and the teen belly is a body appearance change, so you need that module for that to work like you're expecting. Yep, you are correct. I don't allow any dresser commands on Sims while they're aliens. I did this because CAS doesn't generate random clothing correctly for aliens when it is called sims 4 mc command center woohoo script so it basically doesn't allow dresser to do any of the functionality it is intended to do.

It would cause loops or errors to happen when called on Aliens so I disabled it.

Dresser can easily copy an outfit on an alien or paste an outfit on an alien as neither requires random generation to work correctly. Beautiful and marvelous year sims 4 mc command center woohoo all, that all your dreams become reality, kisses of Belgium: I do have the latest version of the woohko. And I do have a lot of sims in my world, including ghosts. Centeer do have aging turned off, but after a while a lot of sims were generated by game.

It doesn't bother me, on the contrary, seeing culling happen and sims just vanisihing is what annoys me, which is why I don't have that enabled.

center command woohoo sims mc 4

I don't get rid of ghosts by deleting them, since then their urns would be blank. I do send some of them to the netherworld though. Thankfully I backed up my game, so the townies are not gone forever and since then everything is back to normall. This freezing happened to me on bigger lots like the Cacti Casa, were the roomies household is at around PM.

Comand has without a doubt something to do with ssims alien invasion option, because as soon as I lowered that and restarted the game, everything is fine. No freezing even on big lots. It might also be partly influenced by some mod too, since I do have a lot of them, but lowering the abduction rates has prevented the freezing in my game.

The other things that I posted are not the mods fauilt in the slightest, but the result of the player messing around with mods and that can have consequences. I am not planning on sims 4 mc command center woohoo teen pregnancies, so in case something happens as the result sims 4 mc command center woohoo a risky woohoo, then I just end the pregnancy. Hi, question, if I activate relative time in MC command center, will my sims end up going to work at the odd time in the early morning?

Freezing that happens on really big lots comand midnight is just the core game having problems keeping-up with interactions going-on there. I see the same thing on lots like the library where lots of Sims are all reading or working on sims 4 mc command center woohoo or various things all at the same time.

This is another core game issue that they added the sims 4 mc command center woohoo Sim per lot limit" to try to prevent from happening everywhere in the world. I still see it, even with 20 Sims on lots like the library that I mentioned.

Your report of this happening on really big lots sounds more like the core game issue than anything in my mod unless it goes back to the version like I mentioned in the last post. When I was talking about the version, I was talking about the mod version, not the game version. I released several versions of 3. That's why I pointed you to the post where we have a screenshot of the modules and suggested you compare the file size and date with sims 4 mc command center woohoo own because, since simx latest release, there have been no reported MC Occult problems at all.

As with pretty much any issue that is caused by my mod, though, it was easy enough to tell when the problem was coming from my mod because there was detail rory mcilroy pga tour ps4 update the LastExceptions.

I recently installed the mod, however I'm having a few problems since installing. Since installing the game has become laggy and has crashed a couple times which ea.com/unable-to-connect battlefield 5 used to happen before. Is there anything I can change to stop the lag?? Also when I try to go into the mods folder to look at the settings using the text document.

It gives me an error message saying that the settings file cannot woohooo found. However the cpmmand file is there in the folder. Any ideas how to fix these problems?? Sounds like an installation fight night champion pc download, like you are leaving a zip file with all of the modules in it within your mod folder rather than just the ts4script files and package files.

There's a screenshot on the main description page of what files you should expect to see in a valid installation in your mod folder as well as full installation instructions in the "Module Installation" section. Also, Post http: If your files do not match that, you don't have the right versions of the files.

4 command woohoo mc sims center

I further recommend reading through the troubleshooting section on the main description page or the troubleshooting PDF included with the mod. Thanks for the reply. I havent left a zip file in the mod folder though. When I downloaded the mod, I downloaded all the modules at once and extracted the files. I then moved them into a subdirectory within the mods folder. I looked at the screenshot and from what I can remember all the update sims 4 without origin are there that I should sims 4 mc command center woohoo.

I will take another look at the folder a bit later on and check.

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I gave that as one possibility. There are others in the "Module Installation" and "Troubleshooting Section" on the main description page, ea origin pc is why I mentioned those as well.

This is definitely an installation issue, though. If it says it cannot find the settings every time you run it, that's a problem. If it says it the first sims 4 mc command center woohoo you run it and then it creates it, that's normal. I have loaded up the game since putting the files into the folder so why did it not create these files??

I take it this is the reason for the lagging and the settings file not working correctly?? Otherwise, there is no reason for a config file for MC Dresser. I see no image attached to your post only a sims 4 mc command center woohoo link. I assume you were trying to show your punkbuster install bf4 folder and the lack of a config file.


You can attach files and images directly to posts here without having to put them on an external site like imgur. You may have more luck with that for attachments About posts behind here, Week off, and catch-up mode, starts tomorrow AM.

command center sims woohoo mc 4

They say whatever you're doing on New Year's Day, you'll do all year, so, I'll be working: About notifications behind on officials, too, no idea how many actual posts I've missed. Digging in, and out, starts tomorrow, all over the net. I went off and played Sims 3 unmodded for a few days, and it gave me new insights on ways to do things in 4 to suit me better. Came back to 4, and immediately went camping, that was a blast. Flag blitz under way, neighborhood is at on day 5 or so. Marriage run incoming, so, Sims 4 mc command center woohoo into seeing who's who.

Dropping an anchor so I'll know when I'm up to date on what I've missed. Told ya, I'm baaaaaack! More maybe not till tomorrow. Whipped, but trying to get on top of things for this shiny New Year. No, the log file not being there means that the mod is not installed correctly as it will create that file the first time the mod runs. Okay thanks for the advice with attachments and yes that is what I was trying to attach.

Sorry, I'm new to this site and I'm new to using mods. I just don't understand what I've done wrong while installing the mod though. I've followed all of the steps on the website and in the troubleshooter but it still doesn't work properly. But the log file still doesn't appear and the settings file still won't load.

The resource cfg file only has 3 lines of code in it too. That's why I don't have it as part of lord of the rings bfme2 to ensure that the mod is working in game. There should be a notification post like I have on the main description page showing the version of the mod and all of the modules loaded. That's how the mod tells you its working. Just a bit to go through, I know. We've had some pretty quiet days during the holidays but then there will be a few days sims 4 mc command center woohoo and there with many posts at once.

Maybe some good reading in there but probably also a lot of the same questions we tend to answer over sims 3 bugs over. You know the ones! I was having sims 4 mc command center woohoo similar problem, but I figured out that I was a giant dummy. For sims 4 mc command center woohoo, my computer generated a "Mod" folder because I would frequently use it and it put it in the "hot spot" area between Pictures and Sims 4 mc command center woohoo of my Document sidebar, but it wasn't the actual Mod folder for Sims 4.

I was putting the MC CC in the wrong spot for hours even though it showed it in my cc pop-up fifa 17 players with most potential. Could this possibly be your issue? It is coming up with the notification when I load the game up and it displays all the modules.

Thanks for this mod, it's great! Just wondered if anyone can help me with an alien abduction issue I'm having with MC Occult? I know I could use the mod to make him pregnant, just wondered if I am doing something wrong?

Broken Mods for November '17 Patch/Cats & Dogs EP | SimsVIP

No this doesn't appear to be the problem unfortunately, it hasn't generated one in the 'hot spots' area. Make sure all of your modules are the correct version, like we say in Post http: Make sure you have looked at the rules for MC Occult pregnancy on the main sims 4 mc command center woohoo page in aoohoo MC Occult section as if any of those rules are not true then the Sim will not get pregnant.

On the main description page in the troubleshooting section, I have steps to woohoi for figuring-out if you don't have things installed wickedwhims commands. It also lists things that I need to try to help you if you are still having problems after things are validated to be installed correctly.

Then you may have the issue described in Post http: DP I opened her links cpmmand another tab. The other link is after she opened that link It looks like and it says "File Not Found Error opening settings file so a new file will be created: Hence the reason I use and love you mod.

Peanut, I don't recall if you tried downloading the files again and re-installing them after cfnter pull out the files for the copy you already have inbut if you haven't tried that, well if it was my game I would do it. I have before and it worked. Sorry if I am legendary player swtor in the way DP.

I read the posts everyday or sometimes every other day, but I'm not a xims master either. Nope, you're not in the way at all! Just from the original posts by Peanut, I could tell that there was a log message that a new settings file was created because one didn't exist.

Totally normal message the first time you run the mod. I told Peanut at that point that if simz message is displayed but no settings file exists afterwards, then there is a problem. If the sims 4 mc command center woohoo displays over-and-over in christmas sims log file because the settings file is never found then that is a problem.

If it is just displayed the first time and then a settings file exists, it is not a problem. That's where my original reply about possible zip files being in the mod folders came-from because when the game tries to use the zipped-up versions of the mod rather than the unzipped, it tries to store the settings file within the zip file, which it can't how to install games on origin so it prevents the settings file from being created and would show that error each time.

Peanut responded that there was no zip free videogames stored in the mod folders, so at this point, the reply I made above comes into play. Either there is an installation issue, which troubleshooting walks through pretty much all of those type sims 4 mc command center woohoo, or it will take more information from Peanut, which is also listed within troubleshooting.

I am always thankful for others trying qoohoo help. You shouldn't apologize for that at all. I am wondering if there is a way to sims 4 mc command center woohoo so many townies from generating. Lately my game is making them by the drones. I had fixed them all up so they wouldnt look so crazy but now they just keep multiplying.

I cant keep up. It makes mass effect 2 awc dll load failed not want to play lol. Thanks in advance for any advice or help! I have problem with instantly putting the teens in labor. Often, the baby comes out dark skin sins.

Why is this happening? Also my pregnant teens don't have a baby bump in any trimesters. Check out my reply to this same question on Post http: Both of these questions have been talked about many times here.

It is the module for dealing with body part appearances, so you have to have that if you want the teen's belly to change. I love this mod so far, and it reminds me of TS3's nrass sims 4 mc command center woohoo controller, my previous favorite mod. I'm having sims 4 mc command center woohoo problem, though. I have the woohoo, pregnancy, and occult modules installed atm. I am trying to have both the male and female in my household be pregnant at once, the male by alien abduction, and the female by normal Try for Baby.

If I use this on the male first, he is unable to Try for Baby with the female. If I just have the female pregnant and have the male be abducted, he comes back without becoming pregnant, even when I have "Abduction Pregnancy Percent" maxed out. Similarly, for MC Occult, there is a section about rules for when Sims will become pregnant through abduction.

Now that you've seen some videos/heard some opinions, what is Possibly MC Command Center. . The MC Command mod will not turn off the woohoo option. her boyfriend of less than a month because he wanted to have sex. out many things we didn't like in all these games and this is no different.

If any cdnter those rules are violated, a Sim will not become pregnant. In the examples you are giving, one of those rules is violated in commxnd case. So, is there another method I can use to be able to make both of them pregnant at once? I can't think of any roundabouts atm. Forgive me for spamming you, and forgive me if I sound dense or just haven't read enough, but how does one use MC CAS to show teen bellies?

Okay firstly i want to apologise because i feel like a right idiot, because i was previously saying that there was no log file created. However this was not the new starwars games, it just wasn't walker assault endor ". When i look at the properties of the file however, it does say that its a log file.

However as you can see in the screenshot the settings file is definitely there. If i open the sims 4 mc command center woohoo cfg file it opens up a load of code which im presuming is how i can edit the settings.

In game the settings for Command Center will sims 4 mc command center woohoo up using the computer and i can change them as i wish.

I also get a list of settings appear when i click on sims too.

center mc sims woohoo command 4

However i do still only get two lines of code appear in the resource file. If not i will happily send you the required files. I will say though that i have multiple lastexception files in my game folder, which one should i send if needed??

When sins have the module deployed, pregnant Teens ea car racing game show bellies. No special settings or anything. There are several ways that you could manually make it happen and work around it using the rules.

For example, they say that if the spouse of the Sim is pregnant, they will not get pregnant. So you can make them not spouses, make them both pregnant, make them star wars noghri spouses again.

You can move one of them into another household temporarily and make them both pregnant and then move them back into the same household. However, this probably won't work if they're still spouses as I don't think I check to see if the spouses live in the same household or not to prevent pregnancy. Those are two ways I could wophoo of off the top of my sims 4 mc command center woohoo.

There are probably others. Sims 4 mc command center woohoo you're using Windows and you have it set to hide extensions for known file types, then it will not show the "log" extension and "log" files are a text-type document, so that's why it would say that it is of type "text", because commanr files are just text files. Have you tried deleting the log file and re-running the game? If it regenerates the log file and says that it can't find the settings file, then sims 4 mc command center woohoo is going on.

If it doesn't say that, then you are still seeing the log file message that was first generated when you ran the mod the first time. It will not "remove" that message or replace it unless you have logging enabled in your settings. That doesn't mean you're getting the message everytime you run, though, necessarily.

You sims 4 mc command center woohoo not open the cenetr file with sins text editor to edit the settings, just to be wolhoo. You use the computer in the woohol and change them as you wish like you say. If you make a change smis then next time you load the game and go into the settings you can see the setting change you made still there, then it is loading the settings correctly.

Otherwise, everytime the settings would be the default value what is madden mobile time you wkohoo the game. That's an easy way to verify it.

From your attachments, I can tell you that you could possibly have problems because your resource. If you look at the top of the files page where you download the modules, you will see what the contents of your resource.

4 woohoo command sims mc center

It may not cause problems, but it is possible it will. What we show there is EA defaults for when they generate that file.

command center woohoo mc sims 4

I think you're either already running with no problems, or you're close. I opened the game up and changed a couple options, then rebooted the game like you said and when the game loaded up again it remembered the settings that i previously set.

I deleted the resource file, it regenerated upon loading the game and it now displays the correct lines of code. However, I also deleted the log file like you suggested but when i re-ran the game the log file didn't regenerate. It used to work. I tried re-downloading and nothing changed. I have a MAC. I can always take a look at it after the holidays when I'm back to working on everything. The only way this can happen is if EA changed the way the abduction classes work with age groups.

It's a possibility, but Fenter would just be surprised as I've not heard anything else about it and it's a little weird that they'd only change these age settings and not any in anything else. Usually things are broken in groups. Like the "No Age" change they made broke pregnancy and criminals and my woohhoo Age" flag. But anything is possible! I set the abduction settings for Alien Invasion frequency and only set the ages to allow children.

I have a household with all ages within it and only the children were abducted as expected. I see no issues with this functionality.

And it won't get regenerated sims 4 mc command center woohoo you have logging enabled or unless an error happens. That's what I was saying that the message you were seeing about no settings file was the one that was generated the very first time you ran the module, and is expected. If it did regenerate the log file with the same message again, venter that would be a problem. You should start by looking at the troubleshooting section on sjms main description page or the troubleshooting PDF included with the mod.

Ah okay then, i dont believe i have logging enabled, i dont know how i can check madden 16 features tbh. But does that mean then that everything sims 4 mc command center woohoo now be working correctly, even commanx i dont have a log file in my folder?? You can enable it if you want more detailed messages about things happening in your game in the logfile, but it is not required as any errors generated will always show-up in the logfile regardless of whether logging is enabled or not.

All I can say that it means is that the mod is running centeg it is accessing the settings file and you said it is showing-up in menus and sims 4 mc command center woohoo notification appears like we say it should in the troubleshooting section. That's really all I can conmand sims 4 mc command center woohoo where Sims 4 mc command center woohoo sitting. Thank you so much for helping me out with this, i apologise if ive been a pain to communicate with, as i said before im new to mods and didn't really know what i was doing.

Now im really looking forward to using this mod. I read on the official Sims Forum that you can but it was posted a year ago.

I have installed the pregnancy, cleaner file and the main mod, I do not see any options to change the length of the pregnancy and I hate having 1 day trimesters! I really enjoyed the layout tbh: The new look was way better IMO, but I guess the problems that Ashal ran into couldn't have been foreseen without giving it a go. Hopefully after he decompresses some he can figure it out. There were battlefront 2 leaked lot of things I think people would have liked once they got over the change.

Change isn't easy for some, anyway still got rabbit ears on this moving forward. Keep up the good work and hopefully Sims 4 debauchery isn't too far off. I love this mod, but I sims 4 mc command center woohoo a quick question regarding the mod.

In my case for my sims; once they reach lvl 4 of the exhibitionism skill they no longer are able to use the mirror to gain skill for exhibitionism.

At that point to further raise it; what do I do? This is intended behavior as the mirror is to help start quicker with the whole process. After they reach level 4 you just need to strip them or allow them to strip. When they are not wearing underwear cdnter anything else and other sims are looking they gain a little bit of experience.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an fifa 16 web application Posted June 29, Share this post Link to post.

center woohoo command 4 mc sims

Posted June cennter, Posted July 1, I'm no longer able to open the settings menu for WW since updating. This mod is awesome!!! Sims 4 mc command center woohoo you so much for creating it!! Posted July 2, The only way to describe this is with the words of George Takei: What resources could you recommend to learn Sims 4 modding? The interaction never ends Interactions are such a pain.

woohoo center command sims mc 4

You get teen-to-teen to work and then teen-to-adult doesn't, or same sex doesn't. You get that fixed and then Teen-to-teen stops working again. I'll see if I can get them figured out. Since you're working in this area anyway I just did a run with teens tossed in. But WHY are the teen boys NOT crassius servis considered as inseminators?

Is that a setting I don't have enabled or set properly There's a separate list for spouses and insiminator's for age. It is hard-coded sims 4 mc command center woohoo YA and Adult right now. So i downloaded the files and I enabled risky woohoo at like But when I use it, there's no option to take a pregnancy test. Well isn't THAT just sexist?????

The girls can get knocked up but the boys are all still virgins. I'm laughing IRL typing, btw That's all right. Boys sims 4 mc command center woohoo generally do this: Thanks for the clarification. One of those, is it ME? This time, game code bork wins.

It's one of those "on the list but lower priority than other things that are on the list so, for now, EG can deal" things. I actually did work on 1.

center mc woohoo 4 command sims

Am I doing something wrong then that is causing it not to show up? If you're using 1. I was mainly testing same-sex and adults opposite sex. Actually, I went back and looked and what I fixed in the previous release was only same-sex Me3 shepard lives For Baby did not sims 4 mc command center woohoo the Pregnancy Test and it should have. Pregnancy Tests will be available after Risky Sims 4 mc command center woohoo for the next release 1.

Hi Deaderpool, as a teens offspring are randomised when born. Also another feature I would love to see would be 'Take control of sim' Fifa 16 career all your great work Both things Sims 4 toddler swimsuit researched, as it turns centfr. I've not found a way to programmatically set "cas.

Sims 4 mc command center woohoo the other "cheat"-type commands, we can tie-into from scripts. I'm still keeping my eye-out in case someone out in the modding world figures out how to do it. I also have been watching for a way to do "Play with genetics"-type functionality so after a baby is born from Teenagers, you could try to "reroll" their genetic look.

That has to be switched in the core game engine, from what I've been able to determine. So, some technical blah thrown in there just to say that I don't think either of these can be done yet. If EA gives the modders access to anything I mentioned there, I have definitely been waiting for it and will jump on it! Damn, that's a shame.

I guess no one has even attempted 'core' mods yet due to Sims 4 unpopularity among the older modders. I'm tempted to reinstall Sims 3 and leave 4 for a year or so. See commnd interest in the franchise picks up. I believe the sims are only as interesting as the mods produced for it.

I hope that bug never gets squashed, ceenter freakin' handy. Although it's probably going to lead to an apocalypse in my game, at some point. Isms if MC's tie-in process can make it sims 4 mc command center woohoo already I wonder what's missing? He's got several things, that's why I'm linking to HIM, not a particular mod: You'd have to talk to the website moderators about it.

I don't have any control over how the site downloads work or not for users. That only happens if the Sim you're editing is part of a Played Family. I can't take blame or credit for it. You can't do anything with stuff that EA doesn't allow modders to change. This also is why we have the annoying generation bug. So I had no idea it was already there. Thanks for the clue.

I'm still having "fence" which side??

4 mc center woohoo command sims

I added a link to the homepage for an alternate download location to try to work-around the file download errors that folks are getting. Copy of that link here https: Well I finished my incestuous adventure testing and everything seemed to work fine apart from teens never showing the pregnant belly.

Started a normal game and got invited to my pregnant sims house. Her Mother was also pregnant not by my sim. Anyway, inside the house were 6 cribs! My girlfriend sim was pregnant with sims 4 mc command center woohoo plus her Mum nc pregnant with 1.

Both seem to be having trouble pushing the sprogs out lol Point sims 4 mc command center woohoo these cribs were blocking access to certain rooms. I tried using bb. Is it possible to add a clear empty cribs routine to MC Command? If this is happening in a number of properties it could really bork the game I presume.

Only way I managed to get rid of the cribs was by going to world view and editing the property. Continued playing and within a sim hour I can write how to uninstall sims to look at it on my TO DO.

Are you sure you don't have some custom content furniture or objects that may be interfering with other xims, like the bassinets? Actually, I was just re-reading your post. What you're talking about is the "auto-bassinets" that the game adds when there isn't one on the lot and one is sims 4 mc command center woohoo to deliver a baby.

I can see if there is something "different" about those objects so they will be flagged in some way. I don't know that I will be able to do anything with it. If it was something in sims 4 mc command center woohoo Sim's Inventory or Household Inventory, I could get to create ubisoft account, but I don't think that's the case with furniture on the lot itself. Cebter have no custom furniture installed. The only way I sims 4 mc command center woohoo solved the problem was conmand playing the affected household.

I deleted the bassinets and within minutes both sims gave birth. The issue seems to be related to xenter two pregnant sims unable to give birth even though their time was up. I presume the game places the cribs in anticipation of this and when neither dropped at that time the cycle started again.

I seriously cannot thank you enough for this. Since IncTeen is custom music in sims 4, this will be a marvelous replacement. And thanks for putting up the alternate link. Like many others, the standard download wouldn't work for me. I have cented babies in the making that should be coming any time now.

I haven't played much unsubscribe ea access week work nights, sleep days I'll let you know. Been 9am Tuesday for a couple days, now. I miss it when I don't play. Fixing that and testing, woot! I'm glad the alternate worked. I wasn't sure if it would. My goal has been to try to put anything into the standard Woohoo mods into MC Woohoo.

As long as it doesn't require special animation support or something that I have no experience with. I centeg that self-woohoo, would fall into that category, but if there are mods madden mobile customer service there that do that already, I could look at them and see if I'm wrong in that assumption The game adds bassinets to households when the baby is born if there isn't one already there.

That's why MC Pregnancy only works on Sims 4 mc command center woohoo with homes, because when the game tries to add a bassinet to a household with no home lot, it gets an exception. I imagine that is why we haven't already seen a stand-alone mod out there to do something like that. Let me ocmmand your findings. I'm hoping it was sims 4 mc command center woohoo a glitch with my game but who knows?

Although I am using Iceman's 'slowtime' mod. Occasionally things sims 4 mc command center woohoo animation sequences seem to loop. Wonder if that's causing issues? Honestly, I always have the number of bassinets already in my households before the Sims 4 for mac download deliver for the maximum number of children I may get out of it so I've never even seen the bassinet plops happening. I just know they do since I've seen the exception sims 4 mc command center woohoo happens on homeless.

Do you mean that you're using that combined with my mod? Only came here for this mod! Don't know whether it is still relevant, but yes that do play nice together. Occasionally fenter get a glitch where all the sims reset themselves. It isn't too frequent, so not a game breaker. It is not your mod doing this as it that was happening without your mod installed. Finally I found how to download this mod: Thank you very much for your great mods, Deaderpool.

Will it conflict with risky woohoo mod and autonomous interactions? If yes then I'll remove them from my mods folder. Risky Woohoo is built into my mod, so it's not needed. It won't conflict with another mod like autonomous interactions as long as that mod doesn't have issues by itself, as some do if they haven't been updated in a while.

I don't know if autonomous actions is one that has issues why wont my sim go to work not. Autonomous Woohoo will be available in 1. Thanks for the answer, Deaderpool: I'm looking forward for Autonomous Sms I'll remove risky woohoo mod then and will check how your mod works with autonomous interactions mod.

Autonomous interactions has autonomous woohoo and try for baby, also it has other autonomous romance interactions like marriage, flirting, kisses and etc. I've noticed that my sims also like to paint themselves, workout, play guitar, but I'm not sure if this mod does it. I'd like if your mods would have autonomous interactions in the future: I do have plans to try to do some of that.

mc woohoo 4 sims command center

I also am adding a new MC Command Center module named "MC Tuner" that will allow you to disable Mischief and Mean auto-interactions as well as add autonomous propose and marry interactions. Flirting and kissing and all should mass effect 3 multiplayer credits cheat happen autonomously from the base-game, I believe.

Oh, then that's really great news! I'm already can't wait for the new MC Longshot madden 18 version: From the MC thread, I posted this there this morning HE grabbed the baby out of the incubator style crib next to the surgery table. Mom never had a chance! Left loner mom standing there looking around, grinning I Venter her to go get the other baby next room commajd, but they simms winked out before she could that part was normal enough, once dad returned wokhoo to crib No new error files or messages.

So whatever it is, I didn't see a table or any other real problem with this birth other than fifa 19 player ratings different mod not working right I have more births incoming and will, I command to go for the gusto, and enabled affairs again This could be fun!

If anything weird does happen here, you'll sims 4 mc command center woohoo about it. Adding this, if you're using Iceman's zims, weirdness does happen. I had it in a woooho back but finally ditched it. I have enough weird. Hopefully it was just a glitch on my game. I'm praying that DP adds a relativity option to MC at some stage. I hate the speed of the standard game as it turns into a clickfest. Icemans mod has it's problems but I still prefer it over standard fare.

Bella Goth in my game went into labour for a few days ouch. I had to take control over her so she would deliver. When I did I found 2 cribs in her entrance way. In order to get her to deliver I clicked on one of the cribs and selected "give birth". She gave birth to single child so it seems the game tried a couple time to have her deliver but couldn't. Sims 4 mc command center woohoo would be amazing, wouldn't it? I'd love that too! Relativity in Sims 4 mc command center woohoo Meanwhile, you do know you can edit Iceman's mod to change how long time runs, right?

I had mine set for about 2x normal I do miss that mod! Once the SXS link refreshes to today's date, then it should be refreshed from the site. Mv you noticed yet?

The Sims 4: Risky Woohoo Mod

I meant the new one with the autonomy that you're talking about. Maybe it's not just my game then? Yes, I have set mine to Hi I've had trouble installing this mod today, as the options won't show up for Woohoo on my sim's computer, but will show up for the Dresser, Pregnancy and Career. I'm pretty sure I've downloaded it correctly. What am I doing wrong? Expecting property name enclosed is need for speed rivals two player double quotes: Newest version is 1.

Delete all the old files and try again using the new one. You are using an old version. Thank you so commsnd One of the property names is missing a quotation mark, apparently. I know you're teasing. I also know that there's going to be some anxiety, cause it's at least a few days off.

P Any chance of this fifa fifa 17 greatly anticipated release containing some form of relativity?

Any chance of this new greatly anticipated release containing some form of relativity? D No, for sure it will not. I don't have that scheduled even at this point. It's on my TO DO list to look at, but not prioritized in the commqnd couple sims 4 mc command center woohoo releases, at least. No, for sure it will not. TO DO is good enough for me commmand relativity either it's coming, or we'll know why not at some point P Totally your own fault.

MAYBE you shouldn't mention new: For a few recent versions, it's only been a day or two ish since you first brought up the next version in comments till you turned loose of it. So, yeah, once 1. I'm not the zims one, just maybe sims 4 mc command center woohoo loudest.

People on main forums are asking me Wohoo too It kills me, seeing so many people TRYING to like it never mind love that can't because of some new sim- wokhoo game-eating bullshit thing. I feel sorry for them, I did the "all at once" sims 4 mc command center woohoo, more or less, with Sims3, so of course I never knew what problems came from where.

Totally your own fault. Only myself to blame. Seriously, though, the extra time I'm putting in sims 4 mc command center woohoo really going to pay-off, I hope. I'm looking at some new ways of doing setting dialogs that I hope will give me a totally better way of redoing all of the setting configurations from in-game.

I'm excited and hopeful I am getting this uncomfortable moodlets from messing around woohoo as well. Woohoo seems to go on cenfer lot longer as well. Comjand got a workround this yet. No other woohoo mods installed. Uncomfortable moodlets is a core script bug that I've seen in the past. I don't do anything with ccommand from woohoo.

They get what the core game gives them.

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